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10 Favorite Purchases So Far This Year

Beauty · Life · April 6, 2020

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I love reading posts where people share some of their favorite purchases! I think it’s such a great way to find new things to try. Today I want to share 10 favorite purchases so far this year. There may be one or two things I got at the end of last year but we will just say it counts!

10 Favorite Purchases So Far This Year

Glossier sweatshirt: I love Glossier products and I also love grey pullovers so when I saw this on the website I knew I needed it. I ended up buying 2 because it’s so freaking comfortable and I wear it around the house and sleep in it all the time!

Amazon card wallet: I saw this on one of my favorite bloggers, blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers. I figured this was PERFECT for gift cards. I am kind of a gift card hoarder and I never use them so this is perfect for that. OR it’s great for travel for credit cards and even has a spot for cash.

Beauty pie lip balm: If you know me you know I have no less than 5 lip balms on rotation. I have talked about how much I love Beauty Pie and their lip balm is one of my favorite finds.

Sundry sweatshirt: I never met a sweatshirt I didn’t love. But really. This one was a crazy splurge but I love it and I wear it 3-4 times a week.

Special necklace: When Andrew and I got married I had a bar necklace with our wedding date. I wore it every single day. When Liam was born I got a new one with our wedding date and his birth date. I then wore that every single day. When Charlotte was born I realized they didn’t make a bar necklace with room for 3 dates so we designed this one. I used the same company for all 3 necklaces- Taudrey and I love them.

The necklace has our wedding date, the kids names, and then their birth dates <3

AirPods case: So I had a hard time finding my case easily in my purse and I thought maybe a cover for it would help. I got this cute one on Amazon! Love!

Athleta Jacket: I got this while I was pregnant to wear in the winter to and from the gym/errands etc and it’s turned out to be one of my best purchases! It’s ridiculously warm and so cute!

Adidas sneakers: I have posted about my love of adidas swift run sneakers TONS of times and these animal print ones are so fun! I get compliments on them every single time I wear them.

Farmacy eye cream: I am always on the hunt for new eye creams. This one was pretty new when I got it and I am LOVING how it’s working. So great under concealer too for a smoother application.

Tata Harper exfoliating face wash: I love Tata Harper products and I wanted a mild exfoliator and this one fit the bill perfectly! It’s gentle and leaves my skin feeling like I just had a facial.

I would love to know what one of your favorite purchases this year so far is!!


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  • 21 thoughts on “10 Favorite Purchases So Far This Year

    1. Holly

      I love the necklace. I had a similar one made after baby #3, but now that I’m expecting baby #4…I need a new necklace!

    2. Flossie McCowald

      LOL Oh dear! I got a new storage bench for our entryway (that arrived right before all this mess went down/I started juggling work w/homeschooling, so I haven’t had time to assemble yet) – does that count? Once I DO get it put together, it’s gonna be perfect!

    3. Stephanie

      It’s so fun to see what people are enjoying! Your list looks totally different than mine. I love your necklace, though! After my second was born I got a ring for Mother’s Day that has my birthstone in the middle and my oldest’s to the left and my youngest’s to the right. Other than my wedding ring, that’s the only jewelry I wear consistently.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I would love to have a necklace like that. I will see if I can have one for Mother’s Day. That will me MY gift for Myself. I just got a pair of Adidas two months ago, but I would not mind having a new pair again. Thanks for your recommendation.

    5. Melanie

      Love these! And, I completely understand about the gift card hoarding thing…my husband found my little baggie of gift cards and added them all up a few months ago. I have such a hard time parting with them! šŸ™‚ Stay safe right now!

    6. Shar

      Very thoughtful! I never realized what are my top 10 purchases for this year. I’ll take a closer look at your suggestions.

    7. Melanie williams

      Sounds like you have bought so many lovely things. I love the look of that stunning necklace for sure x

    8. Elizabeth O

      That necklace is stunning. I would take another look at it. My favorite purchase this year are my marathon ready Nike sneakers.


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