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10 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Register For (But You Should)

Baby/Parenting · September 14, 2017

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I wrote a post a few months back about 17 things you should absolutely register for. And while those are still true and I stand by them, I wanted to add more to that list. These are 10 things you wouldn’t think to register for but you should! These are things that we were given, or I wish I had added to my registry! Trust me you’ll thank me!

10 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Register For (But You Should)

Diapers/Overnight Diapers/Wipes: OK hear me out. It’s not the most glamorous baby gift to unwrap, but I can assure you it is 100% the one you will use more than ANYTHING ELSE! We have been a Pampers family since day 1. Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Overnight Diapers, and Pampers Sensitive Wipes. They are all on Amazon Subscribe and Save and honestly they are the best diapers for us! I’ve talked about Pampers a few times before and these are our favorite diapers to use for our baby boy. I would suggest registering for diapers in several sizes. Newborns, 1, 2 and 3 to start with! That should get you through a few months haha. Liam grew from size to size fairly quickly over a two month span, he was going through a huge growth spurt. I wish we had different sizes on hand to make it easier. Also Pampers has an awesome rewards program so it’s a win win win! Plus, with wipes you will NEVER not use them. I suggest the big refill boxes.

Pajamas: I know I know, we all want to register for the cute outfits like overalls and dresses, but let me tell you… You will have your baby in PJs for quite a while. Just register for LOTS of footie PJ’s nothing is cuter

On that note: Register for clothes in BIGGER sizes. I am talking 6 months and up! We got TONS of newborn stuff and even 0-3 month and he hardly wore any of it!

Humidifier: Again it’s not a super glamorous gift but when your baby gets that first cold, like Liam did recently, you’ll be so glad it’s in the closet at midnight when he or she is stuffed up and driving to Target is the last thing you want to do (plus it’s closed!)

Medicine: Kind of the same thing. Register for lots of different medicines, gripe water, gas drops, snot sucker. My dear friend Lynn gave us an ingenious gift of a bag full of medicines, diaper rash cream, boogie wipes, and more. Things that have all been used and we have needed at the most random times (like 3 AM!) Just go ahead and register for a bunch so you have it on hand.

Sippy Cups: Kind of like the bigger clothes you will register for bottles sure, but also add some sippy cups to that. Most babies can practice with sippy cups around 6 months so it’s good to have them and there are TONS of cute ones out there. We love the Zoli ones!

Holiday books: We read Liam 2-3 books every ngiht before bed and I am a sucker for holiday themed books. Our favorites are the Llama Llama ones! Perfect for those times of year to get you all excited for holidays.

Later in life toys: Not when they are like 2 months, maybe toys that they won’t use till a year or so? Truthfully they don’t need a ton of toys as new babies. But 6 months and up? Yes lots of toys. So register for a few bigger toys for that time. We love this my busy town toy! He started playing with it recently at 7 months.

Milestone Blocks: I take Liam’s weekly and monthly pictures with his blocks and they are so fun to look back on. Not something many think of till it’s too late. Go ahead and add this one to your registry!

A great portable crib: This is not something we thought much about, as traveling wasn’t really on our radar. But going to family functions or taking him to my moms so we can have dates, this crib has come in super handy. We use the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib and it’s super light weight as well as easy to pack and unpack! For sure register for this!

I hope you found these things you wouldn’t think to register for helpful. Just remember that having a wide variety is always a good idea! These all have various price points.

What is one thing you would add to this list?

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  • 34 thoughts on “10 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Register For (But You Should)

    1. Genesis

      I highly agree with the PJs thing. And the idea to register for bigger kid toys is a good one, as well. With my littlest, a friend gave us all her old toys and my baby was sooo thrilled with them once he was old enough to play (and his brothers had fun, too, even though they were older).

    2. Sara

      I love this! My registry was so useful but everyone found it to be so boring. I always try to be the person at showers that brings the not-so-glamorous, but useful gifts. Sadly, the crowd usually doesn’t awww at the humidifier and tylenol but Mom and Dad always appreciate it!

    3. Katie

      I don’t have babies, but these are great ideas! When my friend had a baby girl earlier this summer, I wanted to get her a little something so I bought a few outfits but I decided to size up a bit, partly because I didn’t know her size, but also because I figured they had a lot of stuff already that was her current size.

    4. Lisa

      What a fantastic list! If I had it to do over again, I’d put many of these things on the list. I have to agree with diapers and wipes, as others have said as well.

    5. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

      Yes to a lot of these! We received diapers at our shower and at a diaper party thrown for my husband, and a lot of family members helped us to stock up through sales before my daughter was born. I didn’t have to buy a single diaper until she was almost 18 months!

    6. Breyona Sharpnack

      I always add a ton of diapers to my registries. Even though we have 5 people insist on gifting something each pregnancy so I always ask for diapers and other things no one else thinks to buy as a gift such as butt paste. Great list you compiled.

    7. ShootingStarsMag

      Love this! I think it’s pretty common for people to gift diapers and wipes and the like, because MOST people know that parents need a ton of them -obviously – and it can get expensive. LOL

      I do like the idea of getting older toys though. I’ve thought of that in terms of clothes, but not so much with the toys.

    8. Crystal

      I barely remember the new baby days. I think I’ve have blocked them out because my youngest was so challenging. I do remember running to the store in the middle of the night to get Tylenol. I should reference this every baby shower I go to.

    9. Carrie

      I registered for diapers and wipes but once I got past around 20 weeks I stocked up on diapers of all sizes and kept the receipts, actually taped them on the boxes when every toy-r-us or target would have their sale of buy 2 get a gift card. I managed to get so many gift cards from diapers that I was able to buy the video monitor (like $300) for free!

    10. Meg

      I love your advice to think beyond the first 6 months of life. It’s great to have newborn stuff, but it’s wonderful to be able to shop your own closet for things you need as they get older.

    11. Kate

      Larger clothes size 100%! I had to take back some of my 0-3 months because I knew there was no way she was going to be able to wear them all! She lived in footie pjs for the first 6 months haha!

    12. Steph

      My little one never took a bottle despite how many we tried! But, yes on those sippy cups, register for a few different kinds to see what they would like.


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