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9 Best Financial Hacks

Finances · September 25, 2019

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I love a good hack. Financial hacks, beauty hacks, you name it I love it! Since we are always trying to save money there are a few financial hacks I’ve gotten really good at. Today I want to share the 9 best financial hacks we use and the ones I shout from the rooftops to people.

9 Best Financial Hacks

  • Hack 1: Use the internet: Back in 2011 I really wanted to learn to knit. I was going through a hard time and needed a new hobby. So I took to YouTube and Google. I read all the things and watched a TON of videos and boom I sort of learned haha. The same with baking, making a wreath, and how to use a camera. The internet is your friend. Sure there are classes you can take and books you can buy but I promise all of the information is right there for free a the tip of your typing fingers.
  • Hack 2: ALL THE FREE THINGS IN YOUR CITY: I will shout this from the rooftops until every person is taking advantage of it. There are so many free events in cities for families, couples, or just you! From free workout classes at malls or big open areas to events at parks, concerts, etc. Just follow the right city accounts on social media and you’ll see them!
  • Hack 3: Shop your closet/Use Pinterest: Who doesn’t love to shop. I sure do but you know what else I love? Saving money! So when you get the urge to shop, go to Pinterest and find some inspiration for things you already have and how to pair them together differently. This is something I really think is fun to do and something I try to be in a habit of doing often.
  • Hack 4: Audit your subscriptions: I am notorious for signing up for things and then not using them as much as I should (online magazine subscriptions, workout subscriptions etc). Go through your credit card/debit card and see what you are currently subscribed to and unsubscribe from anything you don’t REALLY use.
  • Hack 5: Sign up for free things/rewards: I love a good rewards program. For baby stuff, we love the Pampers rewards and Similac strong moms rewards- great ways to earn points and get coupons on two of the most expensive baby items. For travel, we are big fans of Southwest Airlines credit cards because we almost always fly Southwest. I also love rewards programs at places like Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, etc. These things really add up. BUT I don’t buy stuff JUST for rewards. I only buy when I need things and sometimes being members of these programs(which are free) will have their own sales and perks so you can stock up on items you buy anyways but at a lesser price.
  • Hack 6: Use a water filter: It is so expensive to buy bottled water. But if you buy a water filter and refill a reusable bottle you will save so much money. You are also helping the environment. Win all around!
  • Hack 7: Challenge yourself to not spend: In the summer of 2013 I did a 60 day no spend challenge. I did this for no reason other than to see what it would be like. The only things I could use were gift cards. But I didn’t buy coffee, new clothes, etc. We still went out for dates but not as often. I ended up saving so much money and it’s something I suggest everyone do at least once or twice. I love this post about 22 science-based ways to invest in yourself and what it says about habits.
  • Hack 8: Workout at home/free trials: I love a good workout but gym memberships and fitness studio memberships can get pricy! There are SO MANY RESOURCES available for free or discounted. From Pinterest workouts, YouTube workouts, apps, and free trials at studios. Almost every studio offers your first class for free and a month at a discounted rate! If you live in a bigger city theoretically you could take a ton of free workout classes. Shhhh I won’t tell!
  • Hack 9: Split subscriptions: So earlier I said to go through an audit your subscriptions but something else you can do is split them. Almost everyone I know splits a Netflix subscription. You could do the same thing with other services as well. Or online grocery shopping services if you live near someone you want to split it with.

So why do you want to do these things? Well doing even half these things can really help you save money and work towards bigger goals like savings and paying down debt. It will also make you more aware of looking at your credit cards and budgets which can help you see what you are doing regularly and also help you catch anything that doesn’t belong on your credit cards and therefore your credit reports. Lexington Law is a great resource for anyone who has found negative items on their credit reports and is looking for a way to get them removed or get some help with them! We are huge fans of how much Lexington Law can really help with improving your credit score.

I would love to know what your best financial hacks are and what you would add to this list?

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  • 12 thoughts on “9 Best Financial Hacks

    1. GiGi Eats

      60 day NO SPEND CHALLENGE?!?!?!?! HOWWWWW omg! I am going to need to know WAY more about your experience. I am lucky if I can even go one day, LOL! And that only happens if I don’t leave my house and I bought a bunch of food and such the day before, lol!

    2. Stephanie

      I just finished reading The Year of Less which is about a one-year no shopping challenge. I’ve done a month before, with only buying the essentials. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But we love taking advantage of free events and places around town. One of our favorite things to do as a family is go hiking in the parks around us, which is completely free!

    3. aisasami

      Great tips! There are some tips that I practice already (always there for free stuff or discounts!) and there were some more that I learned. I try practicing more on how to save better!

    4. Christa

      Yes to free events! Our library has so many great events for kids. Also I save so much money getting books and movies at the library. It’s my fave.

    5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I tend to patronize stores that provide a really good rewards program. I never leave home to shop without my rewards cards. When I get enough points, then I use them to pay for my purchases. It is always best to be a wise spender.


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