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How To Recover From Holiday Spending

Finances · Sponsored Post · January 15, 2020

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Well, we did it friends! We made it through the holiday season. Now it’s time to get REAL serious about finances and the new year. You probably read my post recently about why finances should be at the top of your new year’s resolutions list and today we are going to tackle how to recover from holiday spending. No matter how hard we try we all tend to just spend a bit more in the weeks leading up to the holidays. So now, let’s focus on how to get back on track.

How To Recover From Holiday Spending


  • Give yourself a no-spend challenge: I love a good January challenge and a no-spend challenge is great. I did one a few years ago and it really sets your year off right. I feel like doing it in January can benefit you throughout the year. Bonus: Try to get a group together to do a no-spend challenge. Maybe your coworkers so you aren’t tempted to go out for lunches, or maybe your group of girlfriends so you can find fun things to do that don’t cost money!
  • Utilize the holiday gift cards you were given: If you are anything like me you mostly get gift cards for the holidays. I have a hard time thinking of tangible items to ask for and my parents insist on doing something so it’s usually gift cards to my nail place, Starbucks, Target, Visa, and Lululemon. I find this better than just picking random stuff to ask for that I don’t really need. That way come January when I am trying to curb spending I can still do some fun things because I have gift cards!
  • Look for after-holiday deals: Basically every store has another Black Friday right after the holidays. They are trying to make room for spring stuff or new items so EVERYTHING is on sale. If there are things you absolutely need wait for an after-holiday deal.
  • Purge: Nothing like being bombarded with kids toys to make you purge. OK maybe just me. Usually right after Christmas between the influx of kid’s toys and just feeling overwhelmed by stuff I purge. This is not only a great way to clean your house but you can make some serious money! Sell items you don’t use anymore or don’t need, or donate things and get a tax write-off!
  • Assess what you spent: I think it’s a good idea to go over EVERYTHING you spent over the holidays: gifts, decor, entertaining, travel, etc. It’s a good time to see how you did, see if there’s anything you can change for the next year, etc.
  • Figure out a good payment plan: Well now that you’ve assessed that stuff has to be paid off! I have talked before about if you use credit cards how it’s important to pay the balance off each month. Make sure to check out my post about credit card use here.
  • Start prepping for your tax return: I will have a HUGE post all about tax returns coming up soon but this is a great time to start prepping for your tax returns. It will make you focus less on spending and more on what’s to come. If you get a great tax return you can use part of it to pay off your holiday spending!
  • Put your focus away from spending:  That’s why a no-spend challenge is great. It puts your focus on other things. I like to also use this time to focus on health and fitness goals, and starting over on good habits!
  • Check your credit score ….A LOT: With holiday spending, holiday identity theft being much higher, etc it’s a great time to go over your credit and see what your score is. Also a good time to see if there’s anything off with your score. Do you see a bad mark? Do you see something that isn’t yours? Now is as good of a time as any to look over it and get down to business. Lexington Law can really help with this too! They are EXPERTS at going over credit with a fine-tooth comb and figuring out how to help you! Sit down with them for a free consultation and watch them wow you with their knowledge! You will be so glad you decided to do this and it’s a great way to start the new year off!

Holiday spending can feel overwhelming once those bills roll in, in January but it doesn’t have to be! Try these steps and hopefully you will feel less stressed!

How do you recover from holiday spending?

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  • 10 thoughts on “How To Recover From Holiday Spending

    1. Ashley

      These are fantastic tips!! I’m doing a no-spend month now and it has been an eye opening experience. It’s super difficult because I’ve developed habits of eating out for convenience, or picking up coffees from Starbucks. I’m saving so much now though, and I’m proud of myself each time I can check off each day that I was successful.

    2. Serena

      Checking your credit score is a great idea – I think most people NEVER do this until they’re looking for a loan, which is by that point too late to do much about it!

    3. Rachel

      Totally agree with these! I’m in mega purge all the things mode right now and also trying to do a spending freeze. Very thankful for the gift cards we got for Christmas so we don’t feel guilty about eating out!

    4. Clarice

      For the past years, I have been looking for after-holiday deals. It is just amazing how much discount you can get. To be honest, I started already purchasing gifts for the next holiday season or for other upcoming celebrations. 🙂

    5. Eileen M Loya

      These are all great pieces of advice. Sometimes we do get carried away with our spending over the holidays and feel the effects a few weeks after. I have learned this the hard way several years ago. Your tips will be of good use for my two sons who are still about to learn about wise spending now that they have joined the corporate world.

    6. Kim

      Great tips! I always try to have a budget for Christmas spending but often go over it. 🙁 Its easy to caught up in impulse buying during the holidays! This year I’m going to try reviewing what I spent and see where I can improve next time round.


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