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Best Baby Toys 6-9 Months

Baby/Parenting · September 28, 2020

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When Charlotte was born I really didn’t buy a lot of new toys. We pretty much saved everything from Liam and we had no idea what she would be into as a baby. She doesn’t love super loud things and Liam did not care. She LOVES trucks, and dinosaurs, and balls and doesn’t care about loveys. I thought it would be fun to share the best baby toys for the 6-9 month range which is right about when they really start playing with toys.

Best Baby Toys 6-9 Months

One of my friends posted about this cute avocado guitar months ago and I bought it on a whim thinking it was too cute to pass up. Turns out it’s also really popular at my house. Liam is way too old for it but loves any toy Charlotte has and Charlotte loves to bounce around to the music. Plus, it’s too freaking adorable.

My dad got Liam this V-tech train for Christmas in 2017, nearly 3 years ago. He has played with it every single day since and now Charlotte loves it. She loves to take the blocks out and press the buttons on the outside. Fun fact: It’s also the first thing both of my kids pull up to stand on.

We are HUUUUUGE Lovevery fans in this house. We have the play mat, the stroller, and both my kids have had the play kits. Charlotte we started with the play kits from when she was born and they are most of the toys she plays with. The green ball from the 7-8 month box is such a favorite she carries it everywhere with her. She literally always has this small green ball and Lovevery actually sent us 4 more as backups haha!

These little V-tech go go cars are perfect for any kid. Liam really loved them as a baby and toddler and now Charlotte loves playing with them too. They make great gifts!

There is a reason this walker has 25K reviews on Amazon. It is a favorite of everyone I know. We had it with Liam and now Charlotte uses it too! Perfect for kiddos who are learning to stand and walk.

This is another favorite of both kids. This busy town play cube was something Liam played with for nearly a year before it went to the attic and now that we have it back down both kids are loving it! It has activities on all 4 sides as well as the top so it’s hours and hours of fun.

We are HUGE fans of the brand, Green Toys and everything they make is from recycled materials but it’s also safe to use in water. I love the stacking cups for babies and this brand of them has been so great for Charlotte.

The wiggle and crawl ball is one of those toys you don’t know you need till you have it. If you have a mobile baby this is for you. The toy wiggles and crawls around the room and both my kids love chasing it! So much fun to watch them.

I feel like it’s super easy to get lost in the fun of buying toys for kids and we are really trying to be more intentional with Charlotte about what toys she has and what we are rotating out.

I would love to know what your favorite kid’s toys are or what I should look at to buy as they get older?


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  • 11 thoughts on “Best Baby Toys 6-9 Months

    1. Stephanie

      We had the same Walker toy that both my boys used and loved it!! We also had some of the vtech cars and an activity box, just a different one than you have. Such awesome toys for that age.

    2. Tara Fuller

      We don’t have any children yet but I love taking note of what’s around right now. it’s interesting to see how some of the ones from my childhood have evolved over the years, too!

    3. Deborah

      These are cute ideas! I don’t know any 6-9 month olds personally but my sister-in-law is currently pregnant so I’ll hang onto this list for when the baby is born and old enough to play with these!


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