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Finding Me Time In A Pandemic

Inspire · Life · September 30, 2020

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I have always been a big proponent of me time. I think its really important to do things for yourself by yourself. Pre-pandemic, I loved going to movies alone. It was one of my favorite things to do. Even just walking around the mall, or sitting at a coffee shop and reading, etc. Obviously finding me time in a pandemic is a little challenging when you live with a husband and two small kids and rarely get time alone. But I am going to share my favorite ways in case you need some inspiration.

Finding Me Time In A Pandemic

  • Walks/Working out: One thing I do every day is taking a walk and do a workout. I walk before my kids are up and I workout during Charlotte’s first nap after Liam goes to school. To me, this is necessary not only to have some me time but it helps my mental health so much. Moving my body, working up a sweat, and feeling healthy is really important to me.
  • Asking for it: One thing I do to get me time is asking for it. Not that I ever need Andrew’s permission but it’s more “hey I need some me time this Saturday are you able to watch the kids for a few hours?” He never says no but it’s polite to your partner to agree on a time so you are both getting the time you need.
  • Going in our room: Since I can’t go to many places I sometimes will just go in our room, close the door, and have quiet. Something that with 2 kids under 4 is hard to come by at times.
  • Doing a project around the house: This sounds like the opposite of me time but honestly when I am organizing a closet, or cleaning and I can put a Podcast on and listen to it without having to stop and make a snack or wipe a nose it’s me time. Trust me.
  • At night after the kids are asleep: This is probably the most common for any parent right now. When my kids go to sleep and I can pour a glass of wine, read a book, or mindlessly scroll Instagram that is the most me time I get. I try to take some here and there during the day but truly it’s tough with kids.

Now that Liam is back in school and we mostly have a better routine and schedule I feel like it’s much easier to get me time. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss wandering around the mall with a coffee, or around Target. Or going to brunch with girlfriends. I know those things will come back with time though.

What are some ways you are finding me time in a pandemic?

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  • 15 thoughts on “Finding Me Time In A Pandemic

    1. Stephanie

      I am the same as you, organizing is “me time” for me! And a lot of my time over the spring and summer was after the kids went to bed. Now that they are both back in school full time, I can find a bit more me time throughout the day, even with my husband working from home, too.

    2. Joline

      My spouse started working from home more often and I’m really just not used to all that noise during the day LOL!! I find that yoga helps me decompress. And it’s understood that’s ME TIME ONLY. No disturbances allowed 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      Lately, I’ve found me-time in cleaning! I stress-clean like it’s my job, so I’ll often just stop everything I’m doing to scrub down my kitchen, and honestly… it’s really soothing. I’ll put on an audiobook and just get everything looking sparkly haha. But I like your different suggestions! It’s helpful to know to ask for time.

    4. Kileen

      These are great ways to kind of escape! It can be hard to have peace and quiet these days with they hubby and the kiddos home a lot more, but I’m with you, staying up late or getting up early are great ways for me to have some peace and quiet.

      cute & little

    5. Jennifer Prince

      I feel like I’ve had a lot of me time in quarantine, BUT I don’t have littles. That would totally change the game. Your list is fab and so helpful to moms of littles!

    6. Everything Enchanting

      Great post! I guess, I am the only one who doesn’t like to go out alone, let alone watching a movie in theatres!! I always need someone with me be it my husband, my sister or friend. Me Time to me is like spending some alone time for a few hours in my room only, not outside!

    7. Christa

      I’ve been finding it difficult to find me time. My son is such an early riser, mornings are impossible. I’ve been trying to set aside time at night for me instead of cleaning or planning.

    8. Deborah

      My fiance went to visit his family this month and I had so much me time, I’m almost sad he’s coming back! I think my workouts and my walks in the morning with my dog has been the best time to reflect and just focus on myself.


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