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Best Indoor Toddler Activities

Baby/Parenting · October 10, 2018

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Since Liam started school he has been sick a few times which means we are stuck inside. We also have had a serious amount of rain the last few months which has also given us TONS of indoor time. So for my other moms out there who may run into these issues I want to share the best indoor toddler activities.

Best Indoor Toddler Activities

  • Sensory Bins: We started doing these at about a year. They are essentially bins with different things like feathers, noodles, clay etc for them to play with. Search sensory bins on Pinterest!
  • Basketball hoop: Liam got this basketball hoop for his birthday and we recently brought it out during some lazy days at home and he can’t get enough!
  • Painting: Liam does this at school but we haven’t done much at home. He loves to paint and it’s a great activity if you don’t mind the mess.
  • Ball Pits: Huge hit in our house! We have this one. 
  • Playdates: Set up a play date with a friend and let the kids destroy the play room while the moms have coffee! Treat for both you and your toddler.
  • Save Toys from birthdays/holidays: When Liam got toys for Christmas and his birthday we asked for 2 and up toys. He was barely one at the time. We did this because we knew we would want to introduce new toys slowly. This has been great as he has gotten sick of one thing we put it away and introduce something else. Great thing to do on a rainy or sick day.
  • Watch a classic movie: Recently when Liam wasn’t feeling well we put on The Lion King and he LOVED it! So much fun for us too!
  • Cook: We plan to get Liam this for Christmas and it will be so fun to use so he can cook with us. Helping to mix things and other safe activities.
  • Stickers: I have tons of friends who’s kiddos love stickers. Liam isn’t into them quite yet but he’s always fascinated when we get them out.

I would love to know what indoor toddler activities you recommend.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Best Indoor Toddler Activities

    1. Anita Anderson

      I live in NYC so when it rains I like to count cars with my kids. I usually pick a color and then set how many I have to find. This gets them counting and identifying colors.

    2. Tallary

      All of these ideas are great. Target’s dollar spot sometimes has cool, little crafts as well. They’re cheap and are a fun way to enjoy your time indoors!

    3. Kimberly

      Great activities! I’m always looking for new things to entertain my little ones with. The whole save gifts from birthdays and Christmas is a great idea. I actually do that and it helps them actually enjoy their toys! I even hide a few that they already had for a while and bring them out as if they are brand new again.

    4. Brandi Wiatrak

      I love the ball pits! My little girl would absolutely go nuts over that. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas (it’s raining as I type this), time to throw some balls in a tub! 😂♥️


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