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Best Laundry Tips + Giveaway

Organization · Sponsored Post · July 22, 2016

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For someone who LOVES cleaning, laundry is just not my favorite activity. It’s a necessary evil but one I am never excited to do. Changing sheets? Love! Cleaning the kitchen? I’m down for that. But Laundry? ugh. Over the years my hate of doing laundry has successfully made me come up with a few ways to make doing laundry easier, faster, and more efficient. Today I am partnering with Faultless Starch to bring you my best laundry tips.


Best Laundry Tips

Tip 1 Choose Days and stick to them: We do laundry on Wednesdays and Sundays. Why? I have no idea but when we started living together those were just the days it happened. I like Sundays because it is also the day we clean, change sheets, sometimes grocery shop etc. Sundays are a great day to have a fresh start for the week and having the house cleaned, and laundry done is a great way to start that. Wednesdays are good because if we only did laundry once a week it would take ALL DAY SUNDAY. Doing a load on Wednesdays makes it a lot easier.

Tip 2 Have a plan: For us this is simple. Our laundry room is very small. Granted it’s the biggest one we’ve had but still small. It’s right off our garage so we walk through it no less than 10 times a day. It has good shelving to store detergents, and other laundry related items but not a lot of space to hang clothes that need to air dry. We split this up. In our laundry room above the washer and dryer we have a long bar that we hang shirts on to dry. In our bedroom we set up a drying rack to hang pants, my workout clothes, and other items that don’t go in the dryer. I like this plan because we aren’t scrambling when laundry needs to get done. Another part of our plan is what is washed together. For instance sheets wash by themselves. Towels and bigger items wash together. Then we do clothes.

Tip 3 Iron after you wash, before you hang: Listen no one likes to iron. It’s like the stepsister of laundry. My husband is a fan of no iron shirts and pants and while those are great there are still a lot of items weekly that need to be ironed. We have found that ironing shirts, pants, etc right after doing laundry really helps. Otherwise it’s early morning ironing when you’re tired and it’s just the last thing you want to do. Sure there are times things can wrinkle in the closet but using Faultless Premium Starch it really helps. Faultless Premium really performs and keeps clothes looking new. You can wear a shirt tons of times before seeing any wear. The Faultless bottle also doesn’t clog, flake or spot! Win! Here is an instant coupon if you want to try it for yourself!




Tip 4 Never let it get out of control: The worst thing you can do is let it pile up. I know I know things come up. It’s very easy for me to say this when we don’t have kids and there are just two of us. But even when it was just me I didn’t let it get bad. Once you let it get bad you always will. It’s never-ending really. So just try to stick to a schedule.

Tip 5 Right after a trip: Here is a time where it’s usually out of control. When you go on a trip there is just so much laundry. I find if we are gone for a weekend or a week we have an insane amount of laundry to do when we return. My biggest tip for this is to unpack in your laundry room. Take all dirty clothes out and separate them. We usually wash clean clothes too unless we’ve kept them completely separated. I also have a pile of stuff that needs to be washed delicately. If you do laundry right away you will feel so much better. The worst thing is waiting a few days and just staring at your suitcase. I can’t function that way!!

These are my best laundry tips. They are fairly simple and pretty straight forward but they will really make a huge difference in your laundry plans!

What are your best laundry tips?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Faultless Starch. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 89 thoughts on “Best Laundry Tips + Giveaway

    1. Lisa Brown

      My favorite tip: Removing ballpoint Ink – spray first with hair spray and rub together. Within a few minutes, the ink should start to fade. Repeat spraying until ink fades completely. It works for hair color on fabric as well.

    2. Janet W.

      My favorite laundry tip for removing chewing gum is Chill, scrape off excess, then saturate with pre-wash or cleaning fluid.

    3. Jackie

      Ugh, I feel the same way about laundry!! And this is the PERFECT reminder to pickup more starch..I keep forgetting it at the store and my husband has been bugging me about it!

    4. Demelza

      With four kids our laundry basket is always always full. I must pick two days as it feels never ending. The washing then the basket of folding sitting for days … yes, I procrastinate. My best tip is giving the kids pocket money to help fold it lol… they get all motivated and it helps me to get it done. Great post and tips. Thanks lots ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Jenn@KreativeKouple

      Ugh laundry is one of my least favorite chores too! It’s never finished! I need to take your advice and iron right away because I always seem to iron at the last minute befor going to work. Thanks for the tips!

    6. Sandra

      Definitely ironing laundry that needs ironing before putting it away. It saves so much time in the morning! Also, get the kids involved sorting, folding and putting away laundry!

    7. Natalie

      I love the tip to unpack in the laundry room after returning from a long trip. You know that the clothes need to be washed anyway!

    8. Julie Wood

      My favorite laundry tip for removing chewing gum is Chill, scrape off excess, then saturate with pre-wash or cleaning fluid. I will have to try this next time!!

    9. sarah s

      On the site I like there tip on removing dog hair and I don’t have any big laundry tips except to double check the pockets of clothing .

    10. Victoria

      I love that you have tips for hang drying when you have a small laundry space. Ours is literally a closet… under the stairs… it’s like a harry potter laundry room. ha! Cool post! I’ll def enter your giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

    11. Jennifer Rote

      I really don’t have a tip except I don’t care anymore! LOL I don’t own anything that needs to be ironed or dry cleaned.

    12. Jennifer

      I actively shop for things that will not require an iron. That said the hubs isn’t so lucky and I find myself ironing all the damn time. designating 1 or 2 days to this sounds perfect.

    13. Corsica Nambiar

      These are such great tips, I never thought to iron after I wash but that’s a good thought. I wash my clothes also like every 3 weeks to a month hahaha and I’m sure doing a once week would lower the load.

      Corsica Nambiar |

    14. Nellwyn

      Laundry is actually my favourite household chore! There’s something I love about folding clothes and making them all nice and clean… maybe it’s because I find laundry really easy and tend to use folding as an excuse to turn on Netflix while I do it!

    15. ellen beck

      Laundry is a necessary evil. I dont mnd doing it, I just hate folding it and toting it upstairs to put away. My best tip is to use laundry balls, it really does get things dried faster and towels and such seem fluffier. Also dont use ot use very many drier sheets .. the ils in some can and will clog your dryer.

    16. leah davis

      I wash things in order from least delicate to most delicate… so sheets can go immediately into dryer then later delicates can go in dryer or hang.

    17. Jolina

      I might be the minority but I like doing the laundry! And just lying in the warm clothes right out of the dryer (which is prolly not smart haha). Now ironing, I hate. I suck at it. So I will definitely be hunting this product down!

    18. Kim Pincombe Cole

      My son is getting ready to leave for college & I’ve been trying to share all of my laundry tips with him. He’ll be playing college baseball, which means he’ll have tons of workout & practice clothes to wash. I think he’s mastered the art of the oxi presoak!
      My personal favorite laundry tip is for removing perspiration stains ~ treat with ammonia or vinegar and then rinse with water before laundering.

    19. Emily @ Em Writes

      I always make sure to do alllll of the laundry right before a trip. Coming home to a clean house is such a good feeling. Plus, then you’re not overwhelmed when you open your suitcase to find even more laundry.

    20. Katie

      It is definitely a MUST for me to unpack as soon as I get home from a trip and fold and put away my laundry as soon as it is done, otherwise I put it off later and later and later.

    21. Starla

      This is awesome. I have always ironed right after washing and before hanging. It helps me so much and I do it for the week. I work in an hospital so naturally everything has to always be ironed. I also love to wash once or twice a week.. usually on Sunday !

    22. Gabby Keeton

      All these tips are new to me because I rarely do laundry. If I do, it’s just the average: throw in washing machine, then drier. I have never done any additional steps. But the best one is how to take gum out since I have four boys and gum in clothes seems to be a common occurence.

      1. HS

        I like the tip of removing chewing gum. Chill, scrape off excess, then saturate with pre-wash or cleaning fluid.

    23. Jenny

      I do laundry on Sundays too! I also do it randomly in the middle of the week as well but it just depends on the week.

      xoxo, Jenny

    24. Rachel K

      If you’ve got rust on clothing it can be removed with either white vinegar or lemon juice. Lay the clothing or fabric out on an old towel and pour a small amount of white vinegar directly on the stain – or rub a cut lemon half on the stain. Saturate it thoroughly, then blot it with a clean white towel. Lay outside in the sunshine until the stain starts to fade, then launder as usual. More extensive or stubborn stains benefit from a dose of commercial rust remover, found at hardware stores.

    25. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

      I think it’s so important to have a certain day (or days) that you do laundry! When I was in college I had a day that I always did laundry (Monday), because I didn’t have classes or work in the evening. Now I just kind of do it whenever and I always think I should go back to having a certain day to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    26. Gina M

      I love the tip about getting out oil and grease stains! Definitely lots of helpful info!

      Thanks for the chance to win!
      wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

    27. Tami

      I do laundry 3 days every week so that there’s never much to do and it doesn’t pile up and take forever. I also love tip #3 because it really is so much easier to not have to iron in the morning! Awesome post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    28. Mistle

      I dread doing laundry. We do it about 3 times a week. Of course a lot of it is done on the weekends because we have a little more free time. Anytime we come back from a trip all of our dirty clothes have to be washed. As much as I hate doing laundry I can’t stand for it to not get done. Makes no sense. Great tips!

    29. Stefanie G

      my favorite tip was the how to remove dog hair tip !
      Step 1: Spray Magicยฎ Static Remover on carpet, clothing or upholstery
      Step 2: Wait one minute, then vacuum or brush

    30. shelly peterson

      I like the tip on removing Ballpoint Ink stains by spraying first with hair spray and rubbing together

    31. Amanda

      I agree – doing the ironing before putting it away in the closet. otherwise I just don’t wear it because I don’t want to iron ๐Ÿ˜‰

    32. Anna Summitt

      I wash in cold water. That saves energy. I like to use white vinegar instead of fabric softener. It’s all natural,leaves clothes smelling fresh, (not like vinegar, I promise), and doesn’t leave residue on your clothes like the softeners!

    33. Natasha Gaydos

      Coffee and Tea
      Sponge immediately with cold water. If stain persists, try a pre-wash and launder with a fabric-safe bleach.

    34. Birdiebee

      I wash all of my clothing in cold water to save the clothes as well as save money on electricity. I also take my delicates out of the dryer after 15 mins and hang up to dry.

    35. Mandy

      I got this tip from a friend: If you don’t have an iron (I don’t), put a damp cloth on your clothes and weigh it down on a flat surface for a while to “iron” it. I should probably get an actual iron…

    36. Kristie McCollum

      I’m the one in need of the tips! I’m such a just throw it and run it when it comes to laundry.


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