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Best Tools To Blog On The Go

Blogging · March 8, 2017

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Blogging tends to happen at home most of the time, however traveling and working from other places such as coffee shops means sometimes having to blog on the go. I personally love blogging on the go and I have used a few tools to help me out with it to make it a bit more streamlined. These are in my opinion the best tools to blog on the go.

best tools to blog on the go

Best Tools To Blog On The Go

iPad: Whenever I leave my house I usually take my iPad. Sometimes I use it to read at the gym on the bike. Other times I am waiting at the Dr for an hour or so and I use it to check and send emails, read, work on blog posts etc. If you have a tablet this is so much easier than lugging a laptop around all the time. Plus they stay charged so much longer.

Best Apps: On My iPad I use WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I love being able to easily open up WordPress from my iPad and work on a blog post or start a new one when the opportunity arises. I also think that Pinterest on iPads is so much easier! I use several different note apps to write posts when I don’t want to mess with WordPress and just save them.

Planner: I keep my editorial calendar digital but having my planner to make sure that I am staying on track with non blog post blogging commitments is great. So many events, dinners, and networking events come up and my planner keeps me sane.

All Things Google: I use Google for everything. Gmail is where my blog and personal emails are, I use Google Drive for my editorial calendar, copies of all my blog photos, as well as all contracts, drafts, etc. If I ever need anything it’s in Google Drive and there are AMAZING apps for every Google service. I use them all day everyday. I also use Google Sheets to keep track of blog finances and sponsored posts.

These to me are the best tools to blog on the go! Would love to know what your favorites are.

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  • 41 thoughts on “Best Tools To Blog On The Go

    1. Divya

      I love using my WordPress app on my phone to upload my photos to the post! It makes it so much more convenient than uploading it to my computer first or sending it through e-mail!

    2. Kiara

      Yes! I love using my iPad for getting through comments and everything else. Loved the apps you mentioned as well!

    3. Sarah Jean Althouse

      I’ve been nannying this week to help out a friend so I am definitely about blogging tools on the go. Every morning I pack my mac book air, my planner and of course my phone with all my apps!

    4. Lisa

      The iPad is so great on the go and you have all the apps on there!! I usually put important blogging items on my phone calendar , but still take my regular planner just in case!

    5. The Southern Thing

      This makes me want to give my iPad another chance. To be honest I haven’t touched that thing in months. I always feel like I can only do blog work on my laptop, but it would be so much more convenient to be able to use more portable devices too!

    6. Mistle

      I always keep some type of tablet on hand to write down new blogging ideas. Having apps on your tablet or phone is def a great way to get things accomplished when you are on the go. As far as a planner goes, it is a must for me. I love having an editorial calendar online but I have to have a paper planner as well.

    7. Erica S

      I use many of the same tools. Definitely the Google Drive for drafts, photos, and such. That way I can access from my computer, laptop, or even my phone if I need to!

    8. lisa

      Yes to all four of these! I recently picked up an iPad Pro and need to get lots of time savings work apps added!

    9. Cheryl

      I love my iPad! I take it with me every where and I totally agree with you about the Pinterest app for iPad!

    10. Rachel Ritlop

      Truth! being able to access WP on my phone is SO helpful!! For the last 2-3 weeks i had a weird error in my posts where 1 paragraph would duplicate. People would always tell me while I was out. Being able to edit so easily was a huge relief.

    11. Charlotte

      I use Google for everything, too–and my Notes app! It helps me whenever I have inspiration but no pen (which is quite often, actually) 🙂 thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a great weekend, my sweet! XOXO

    12. Babita

      I need to install the WordPress app. I can see the convenience of it. I had the Pinterest app on my phone, but had to remove it due to shortage of space on phone.


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