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Closet Organization With The Neat Method

Organization · January 11, 2019

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If you follow my Instagram (which you should!!!) you would know that right before Christmas, Valerie from The Neat Method Dallas came over and revolutionized my life AKA organized my closet and dresser. I want to go deep into closet organization with the neat method and what that looks like, the process, etc. I had SO MANY QUESTIONS, emails, DMs, etc and while I am not being paid to write this post, Valerie did offer her services and Bed Bath and Beyond did supply us with all of the items!

Closet Organization With The Neat Method

The Process:

  • Back in November, Valerie came over to inspect the area. AKA my closet. She took photos, we talked about what I wanted and budget. This girl is an organization genius! Her ideas made me so excited that my impatient self was sad we had to wait a few weeks!
  • We set a date for December for her to come do her thang! She brought another lovely lady from The Neat Method with her and we had the best time chit chatting all day! I chose a day where Liam was in school so that I could focus since a major part involves me needing to participate.
  • Once they got here they got right to work, taking EVERY SINGLE THING out of our closet. Nothing makes you want to purge more than seeing how much crap you have. Once things were out I started going through different categories. Once I finished a category, Valerie organized it. It was incredible to watch how she meticulously folded each item, put them in sections and decided what went in dressers and closets.

  • After everything was organized and sorted they scurried off to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up the necessary items!
  • Once they were back it was time to make magic happen! They had already done the drawers in my dresser so this was really just the closet (a few drawers got some love too from BBB).
  • They moved all of our hanging items from my multicolored hanger collection to black velvet hangers.
  • They put accessories, towels, etc in baskets on our shelves.
  • They put boot standers in all my boots to keep them upright.
  • They put all the shoes I had in shoe boxes in clear shoe boxes so now I know exactly what shoes are what, plus it just looks better!
  • They also hung up some things I had in drawers like shorts, nicer t-shirts etc.
  • Once they were done THEY took all the items I was to donate to a donation center (plus they gave ME the sheet for taxes), they also took ALL THE TRASH! There was literally nothing I had to deal with!
  • Once they left I honestly just sat in my closet for a while staring at it and thinking how I was going to manage not messing it up!
  • Also they replaced our hamper which was amazing. I had been using a plastic laundry basket I had since 2002 so this was exciting!

Items We Used: All from Bed Bath and Beyond!Ā 

My Thoughts: I am very type-A and organized and can tackle most projects in my house. But my closet has always been a challenge. It has a ton of space but we were using it all wrong. I really didn’t know how to make it better. So having a professional come “show me the way” made all the difference. Not only that but Valerie manages to make the process so easy and FUN! She is a blast to chat with and possibly the nicest person I have ever met. She showed me how she did things so that I could continue them. But fear not just in case you destroy your space again they do offer a service to come touch things up! I told Andrew, that for every Mother’s Day and birthday for the future I would love the gift of The Neat Method to come organize a different space in our house. My Neat Method wish list is our garage, kitchen cabinets/drawers, and our playroom!!!Ā I took it upon myself to try to “Neat Method” our pantry so there’s an entire post on that coming soon!!

Before and After:

If you live in DFW you can email Valerie or contact her on Instagram. If you reach out to her please tell her I sent you!! If you live outside of DFW check out Neat Method online or via Instagram and find a Neat Method gal near you!!

So what do you think? Would you use a service like Neat Method?

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  • 23 thoughts on “Closet Organization With The Neat Method

    1. StylishGeek

      Wow! What an amazing and incredible closet transformation! I’m sort of like a neat freak when it comes to closets so I have been doing some of the methods you described from the get-go.

    2. Stephanie

      I am working on redesigning and reorganizing my master closet. It’s huge, but we could utilize it much better. I designed some built-ins that my husband and I want to build, just don’t have the money for it just yet. I never thought about hanging shorts to save space, though!

    3. Glenda

      This is what I need to do to my closet in order to make it look more organized. I have the hangers but I need more bins and baskets on top to store more things.

    4. Glenda

      This is what I need to do to my closet in order to make it look more organized. I have the hangers but I need more bins and baskets on top to store more things. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    5. Glenda

      This is what I need to do to my closet in order to make it look more organized. I have the hangers but I need more bins and baskets on top to store more things. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    6. Christa

      Oh wow, what a transformation! It makes such a huge difference to be organized. This is inspiring me to head to my closet and clean it up.

    7. Elizabeth O

      I dare not ask how much this cost but I would totally use such a service if I could. Your closets look organized and easy on the eyes. One tip I got is to get new hangers in the same color. Check!


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