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Things I Never Travel Without

Travel · January 7, 2019

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I would love to say I have tons and tons of trips planned for this year. While we have a few planned and places we are really hoping to go, it got me thinking about the things I never travel without. I thought it would be fun to share those with you guys before all the trips for this year get planned! Just in case you want to snag one of these!

Things I Never Travel Without

Crossbody bag: I purchased this Cuyana bag specifically for travel. It’s the purse I always pack because it goes with everything and it holds so much! I have to have a crossbody regardless of if I am with Liam or not because I just prefer to be hands free!

Airpods: I got these for my birthday last year and I use them every day! I use them to workout or on walks and they are amazing for travel. I love not messing with wires and the charge lasts for the longest time!

Small wallet: I prefer to use a smaller wallet with only the essentials for travel. I feel like there’s really no need for a big wallet and this one is amazing.

iPad: I have an iPad mini and I love that it’s the perfect size for reading or watching movies. I can also get work done on it if I need to. I also have a case with a keyboard which is perfect for blogging related trips!

Anker chargers: I love this wall charger you can plug two things into. It’s great to charge my phone and Fitbit! I also have this external charger that is fantastic for travel. Lastly I have this small charger that’s great to keep in your purse/backpack.

Skincare: Not just face wash, toner, etc but I always always travel with moisturizing face masks! So great for right when you get off the plane. I actually put this one on before flights since it can act like a moisturizer and mask in one!

Fitbit: I LOVE my Fitbit. I know Apple Watches etc are all the rage, but honestly I hate the notifications and I really just use it purely for fitness tracking, heart-rate, sleep etc. So the Fitbit is perfect for me.

Slippers: I hate hate hate walking around on hotel floors. Call me a germaphobe. I love these slippers from Target! Perfect for travel!

What are some things you never travel without?

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  • 21 thoughts on “Things I Never Travel Without

    1. Susan

      My list is similar. Leather backpack big enough for my iPad and purse (I always try to carry on rather than check luggage), slippers (because ewwww… hotel floors!), earbuds, and a pashmina (planes get cold or I can use it as a pillow).

    2. Jaz

      My iPad Mini is one of the first things I pack when I travel. Whether I’m using it to stream shows on Netflix or to read I know I’ll need it.

    3. Amanda Yorton

      I always have a ton of cords: phone cord, watch cord, computer cord (luckily now my phone and computer use the same cord!). I also bring a book and some medicines just in case someone gets sick.

    4. Krysten

      I will be traveling NEXT WEEK and my must haves are my kindle, a pair of Toms (they’re so comfy) and a loose fitting sweater because I am ALWAYS cold.

    5. Stephanie

      I always use either a cross-body bag or a backpack also because I like to be hands-free when we travel, too. I don’t like walking around hotel rooms either, I usually wear a pair of socks but never thought about bringing slippers.

    6. Stephanie Stebbins

      Oh, yes a crossbody bag! I always travel with one as well. I also have a lanyard with a pocket thingy that I can put around my neck and under my shirt that I hold my ID and passport in. My mom gave me that tip! I don’t have a fitbit but I have always wanted to try one,!

    7. maysz

      My first thing without travel is my gadgets and personal hygiene stuffs for me it’s very important to have these stuffs 🙂 I hope this coming year I have a chance to travel inside and outside country “crossfingers”

    8. Christa

      I won’t walk barefoot on hotel floor either. Lol. This is a great list of travel necessities. It makes me want to plan my next trip!

    9. kayla

      We don’t travel often, but when we do I don’t travel without a thousand charges so everything is always charged lol. Also, a blanket is always a must.

    10. Marcela

      I love your lists. I have wireless Bluetooth headphones and I love them, never leaving the house without them. I don’t travel as much as would like. When I think about it, my list will be probably longer and my DSLR would be on that list for sure. 😅

    11. Andrea Larson

      Great list. I have an upcoming trip next month, so I will use this list for testing and experiment and to start creating my own (I started to travel more recently, so I guess I will need something like this).

    12. Courtney

      Ooooo great list!!!! I never travel Without my iPad either!!! It’s just something I always have to have on me!

    13. Erica @ Erica Finds

      I agree on the Fitbit! I always have extra chargers and cords and extra headphones in case I lose mine. I like to bring flip-flops for hotels, too. One thing I always have is healthy snacks! I’ve had so many delays and issues and I hate to be hangry! I also always pack extra gum.


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