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Cozy Reads For Winter

Books · November 18, 2020

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After a year that has been less than pleasant for most people and I for one love to escape into a good book. I have a bunch of books downloaded that honestly sound like Hallmark movie descriptions and I for one am here for it. So I present to you my guide for cozy reads for winter. So when you really need a good escape you will have an awesome selection.

Cozy Reads For Winter

The Christmas Swap: This book is part The Holiday and part Something Borrowed. But it’s all super fun to read. 2 struggling musicians switch houses but when Tyler sees Emma he decides to stick around until her friend sees him too.

Christmas At Fireside Cabins: Described as a small-town Christmas romance novel and the title legit reminds me of a Hallmark movie. Kate is a television personality and needs to learn how to run a Christmas tree farm for a TV segment. She only has 2 weeks. But Deacon(perfect name for this story) wants nothing to do with her. We’ve all seen this movie am I right?

A Christmas To Remember: A nanny a single dad, Christmas. I think we all know how this is going to end. But the story is just delightful and heartwarming.

Love In Lockdown: I mean are we even surprised it took this long to create a book about lockdown? Jack and Sophia are hating being trapped inside until they meet on their balconies and romance blossoms. You will love it!

A Perfect Paris Christmas: This is the best cheesy Christmas rom-com you can imagine plus Paris! So not only are you escaping into a book but also into another city! Keely gets an all-expenses paid trip to Paris for the holidays and Ethan’s hotel chain is struggling. They meet and….you know.

This Time Next Year: Minnie and Quinn share the exact say New Years’ birthday and they keep crossing paths. But now they are finally about to more than just cross paths. I loved this book so much, and the story really kept me interested.

All About Us: I love anything involving time travel in that someone gets to go back and redo a relationship or time in their lives. Imagine your relationship is not going as great as you wanted and the one that got away comes back into your life. Then one day you wake up and you’re back in time and you can do it all differently.

So do any of these cozy reads for winter sound intriguing to you? I hope you decide to pick one up! Let me know if you do!

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  • 11 thoughts on “Cozy Reads For Winter

    1. Lori Bosworth

      Christmas At Fireside Cabins sounds like a fun read for the holidays. I like that the character has to learn how to operate a Christmas tree farm! And yes, it does sound like a Hallmark movie!

    2. Joline

      I’m more into sci-fi so I’ll prolly into the one with time travel. Looks like it’s got a really interesting story too!


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