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Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide · November 16, 2020

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You guys Christmas is 5 weeks away! That’s so crazy to me. November is flying by. While I am not a big tech person, I use the basic tech things I need to survive, and that’s it. I did enlist the help of my husband for this post to give his opinions on some of his favorite tech items (along with mine too). So if you need tech gifts we’ve got you covered!

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

Earlier this year Andrew bought himself these earphones that vibrate the bone near your ear so you can perfect hear music but also hear someone talking to you. So in his words perfect to drown out Paw Patrol but still hear me and the kids. I think this would be a GREAT gift for a husband! They are also useful if you’re walking outside and still need to be aware of your surroundings.

I have a pair of regular AirPods, but I have my eye on the AirPods Pro. I love that they have a noise-canceling feature which would be amazing. I think grabbing a pair of AirPods Pro would be a great gift for pretty much anyone in your life! I love this simple AirPods Pro case too! It’s under $20 and comes in great colors.

If you know someone who loves to read but is not a huge paper book person (guilty!) then a Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for them. This one has 2x the storage and happens to be waterproof so if they are reading by the pool or in the bath they don’t have to worry!

I really don’t know if I would survive without this Anker power bank. If you have someone that is REALLY hard to shop for this is a great gift to get. I love that I can charge my iPad or phone several times and the power bank itself charges super fast.

Andrew and I both have the Fitbit Versa and LOVE them, but Fitbit recently came out with the Fitbit Sense which is their new watch. I won’t lie I am intrigued. While I absolutely do not need it it’s definitely found its way on my list. I love being able to track my exercise, heart rate, sleep, and more. I have never really wanted an Apple watch so this is a great alternative.

We have three Roku’s and I seriously don’t know what we would do without them! I know there are so many options for TVs but we are partial to the Roku. It’s such a great gift too! We gave one to my dad a few years ago and he loves it. They are not expensive so I think this is a great gift for anyone.

Two years ago we got Liam a Kindle Fire kids tablet. I know a lot of people do iPads for kids but we love this for many reasons. There are tons of educational games and their warranty is amazing. Basically, no matter what happens to this tablet they will replace it.  It has been so great for him and he really loves watching shows and playing games on it. It’s been amazing for travel. They are not expensive either! You can get a great one for under $100.

I am so intrigued by smart gardens. There are a bunch of options but this one seems so cool and under $100. Perfect for someone who lives in colder climates!

The Theragun is really pricey but it seems like something that would be great for anyone who works out a lot, runs, etc. I have read so many great reviews on it so if you are looking to spend a little more money on someone this may make a great gift.

My husband swears by Tiles. I think this is a great stocking stuffer or less expensive gift to get ANYONE. Andrew has one on his keys which have sadly ended up in some random places (kids). We also have one on one of Liam’s toys (don’t ask).

If you need to find a gift for someone in your life who LOVES tech gifts then I think this gift guide will help!

What is the best tech gift you’ve ever gotten?

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  • 11 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

    1. Stephanie

      I have a few of these on my wishlist and a few on my shopping list! You shared some awesome suggestions for tech gifts in this post. Definitely reminded me of a few things as well. Thanks for that!

    2. Stephanie

      My husband and I love tech gifts. I have my kindle paperwhite and love it but may need to upgrade at some point to one that is waterproof. My husband got a similar charging bank last year for Christmas and we have used it so many times, it’s so convenient. We are partial to the appleTV, but you can’t go wrong with something like that!

    3. Nicole

      I wish more people wrote blog posts like this one! Christmas can be such a stressful time to find the perfect gift, and there’s so much out there we don’t know! Thanks for sharing!


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