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Did you ever think…I just need more?

What I love about the blog world is the friends you make and the connections you make. For instance I met Kristi a mere 3 years ago at Blissdom when she was a community leader at a table I was sitting at. Several months ago she asked me to be apart of a new venture…




Have you ever thought that you needed it all?

Personal Assistant, Social Media help and also a website or blog design?

Have you ever wanted to have that plus your choice of two designers each with their own distinct style?

Well starting December 1st, 2013 you can!

This new package will be offered alongside Kristi’s existing packages and will be cheaper than hiring all of us individually so you are getting all this expertise at a discount!

Want to meet the team?

There is Kristi of course:

headshot2013I’m Kristi. I live in Maine, am a proud Military wife, Mom of 3, homeschooling, crafty, tech girl. I celebrate all forms of glittery geekery on the web & making blog designs affordable. I love coffee, flip flops, making cakes and my Spread Bloggy Love series. I’ve been blogging since 2008 here and since 2006 in other places on the web that no longer exist. I’ve been designing blogs since 2010 and for money since 2011. My style is clean & modern with a heavy focus on how the site functions for your readers. I want you to be ‘branded’ across all portions of your web presence from instagram to facebook to Google+.

Then there is Jenn the other designer extraordinaire!

JennHeadShotDesigning since 2009, Jenn has completed over 500 custom blog designs and templates. As a mother of four, young children, Jenn feels incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home, doing something that she loves. She specializes in Blogger designs, and enjoys watching a client’s vision come to life. Some of her clients’ feedback have included:

“I really love working with Jenn! She is very professional and also very artistic. The thing about her is that you can give her a couple of small ideas and she makes it a vision that I love every time!”

“I am beyond happy with my experience with Munchkin Land Designs. This is my second time to use Jenn and I love all of the hard work that she puts in to make every design unique. Jenn is professional, kind, and provides excellent customer service!”

Next up is the Social Media Maven herself: Neely(Oh hey thats ME!!)

neely29 year old Dallas, TX Lifestyle Blogger. Rapidly approaching 30….not quite ready for it.
I work in Social Media and started my own company in December of 2012 named of course, Waste of Makeup Media. I also dabble in Freelance Writing, Editing, Blog Consulting, and really enjoy a good latte. I tend to take on about 20 new projects a week and I love every second of it. I can usually be found scrolling the latest news and updates on my iPad, working out (Bar Method or Running), spending time with loved ones, scouring pinterest for the latest trends(that I will never be able to pull off). I have an addiction to online shopping and relaxing with the latest reality TV obsession and a glass of wine.
I graduated with my Bachelors in Business and Marketing, and Minors in Economics and Art History as well My Masters in Elementary Education. Oddly enough all of these help with my day to day life.
I am a pretty honest and open gal and I try to not take things too seriously.
I think the inventor of Peanut Butter cups is a genius.

and finally Kristi’s personal friend from childhood and her Personal Assistant: Jilliane


Jilliane is a wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of two precious girls and the most organized person Kristi has ever met. She keeps this blog and the design business humming while dealing flawlessly with Kristi’s crazy, creative mess of a mind. Checking, filing and replying to email, invoicing, scheduling and sending reminders she does it all!

You may be thinking–this is awesome!

….but what if I just want to hire Neely for a social media campaign? Well you will probably need some graphics for this campaign right? Choose either Kristi or Jenn to create them and then Neely will take them and work with you on your campaign.

What if you need a new design and would like a personal assistant to help whip my inbox into shape?

Then choose your designer and also hire Jilliane!

We’re flexible and know you need choices so instead of just one package we’re offering 3!

(a combo of each of our services and also all of our services)

More details when we launch next Sunday December 1, 2013 but for now just know that Creative Kristi Designs will go under construction Friday afternoon and will stay down until 8am Sunday as she re-brands and adds the new team packages. Packages will change and so will the pricing so hurry and get your orders in now (unless you are waiting for the Team packages–then hop on over on December 1st!).

We will only be taking on a few clients a month as a ‘team’ (so we can keep the whole thing really personal for y’all!) so make sure you sign up soon!

We really hope you join us on this venture of ours and really think how beneficial it can be to you!

Be sure to check out our blogs, and follow our twitter etc to find out all the details and stay tuned on December 1st when the whole shebang launches…its gonna be huge guys!

Sometimes remember “I just need more”

We can give you more


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  1. Congrats on the collaboration. 🙂

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  2. Very cool! Congrats!

    Published 11.30.13