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Fall Eye Makeup Favorites

Beauty · October 6, 2015

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Fall Eye Makeup Favorites

The temps are down, the pumpkins are out and the nails are a burgundy beautiful for fall. Guys it’s time to talk fall eye makeup favorites.

I like to split my eye makeup into 4 categories: liner, mascara, shadow and brows.

Brow game is what everyone is wanting to look perfect now or rather on fleek but you know what I don’t talk like that. So we will say “on point” in regards to the brow game.

I digress….

So lets talk liner:

My hands down favorite liner as of late is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Good lord this stuff is bomb. It looks amazing and goes on so smooth and perfect. For people who are afraid of liquid liner this is perfect because it takes the guess work out. A really great dupe for a fraction of the price is Maybelline line stiletto.

Let’s talk mascara:

So I have two favorites that I alternate between daily. I love Benefit roller lash and I have been lucky to get 3 samples of it in various boxes so I have never had to purchase it. For a drugstore favorite I really love the Covergirl super sizer. The super sizer is great because it is so similar in application, style and result to the roller lash. I highly suggest grabbing one or both.

Let’s talk shadow:

I many eyeshadow palettes but there are only two I use regularly. The naked basics palette from Urban Decay and the Nyx Wicked Dreams palette. Both of these honestly are all you need. The nyx one to me isn’t too powdery it has great coverage and lasts a long time. The naked basics is also great for travel because it’s so small!

Let’s talk brows:

I swear by the Anastasia brow wiz but recently at Target I picked up the Pixi brow kit and as far as brow powders go I love this. It also has a great color for brow highlighting. Guys go to target and buy this now. It fills the brows so great and makes them look super natural. Also the brow wiz is amazing and I love it so much because it’s idiot proof.

So I have shared my fall eye makeup favorites and now I am curious what your fall eye makeup favorites are. Comment below and let me know!

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  • 15 thoughts on “Fall Eye Makeup Favorites

    1. Cassie

      I love Covergirl Super Sizer! I recently bought the Naked Basics and it quickly became a favorite. I’m adding the NYX palette to my Ulta shopping list. Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. Michelle Heath

      The Pixi brow kit it amazing! I recently just got it as well, and was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t tried the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner, but I definitely will be needing to do that. I hear great things about it all the time.

    3. Sarah

      Hi Neely!! I first want to say how much I LOVE your new site!! You have me thinking about a site redesign as well! I need to email you some questions on that 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Love these makeup suggestions! I just purchased my favorite Covergirl eyeliner today but I’ve been wanting to try something new. I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind! Thanks!


    4. Sara Strand

      I came across the realization this morning that I need under eye cream. And my eyelids are getting droopy. I’m only 33, this feels premature and cruel, mother nature.

    5. Shann Eva

      I’ve heard so many good things about the Kat Von D make-up that I might just have to splurge. I got a sample of Lancome mascara that I absolutely love. It says it’s black, but it looks almost Navy to me.

    6. Amanda (

      OMG the Covergirl Super Sizer!! Why is this mascara so good, unless it’s not. Like if you have sticky lashes, or you have a bad application at the beginning, this go wrong.. very very wrong. The other day it looked like I had 3 lashes. I still love it though. Usually its sooooo good. Which I really appreciate because for the life of me, I cannot figure out falsies. Send help? lol

      Does anybody know anything about eyelash extensions? They are all over YouTube, but not so much blogging. I’m considering it. I have a red head so I have blonde lashes. Without mascara I look dead and sometimes I don’t wanna wear it, but I still want to look alive… This comment just went somewhere completely different haha I apologize 🙂

    7. Cami

      I need new black eye liner, quick!!! I’ve been using a navy as a substitute, but it’s not the same. Maybe I’ll try the Kat Von D Tattoo liner.


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