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Finding Kid Friendly Hotels When Traveling

Baby/Parenting · Travel · March 11, 2019

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We have been fortunate enough to take Liam on quite a few trips. He has stayed at several hotels, a HomeAway apartment, Airbnb house on a lake, and VRBO cabin in his first two years of life. It has also given us a lot of chances to know what works and what does not work when traveling with kids. I want to share some tips on finding kid friendly hotels when traveling or other types of lodging as well.

Finding Kid Friendly Hotels When Traveling

Know what you need: Do you need a crib to rent, do you need to have a kitchen area for meals, do you need a bathtub for baths or just a big sink? Do you need space for them to play if they are more active? I know for us as Liam has gotten older our needs have changed. His first big trip was to Chicago and we had a standard room which was pretty tiny. All we really needed was a microwave to sterilize bottles since he was just on formula. We needed a bathtub which we had and room for his travel crib. He was only 5 months so he wasn’t very active so having tons of space wasn’t necessary. We also spent so much of the day out doing stuff. Now when we travel space is key! He needs his own space to sleep (ideally) and lots of room to run around. We also really need a kitchen or at minimum a fridge and microwave.

Know what you need to be near: It is important to us to be near a grocery store/pharmacy and for me a Starbucks ha! When we were in DC last summer we were in walking distance to a CVS and a Starbucks and a quick drive to a Whole Foods. When we rented a house in North Carolina we were about 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store which wasn’t terrible for where we were in the mountains. We try to do research before we stay anywhere to know what’s near and how long it takes to get there if we need something.

Know what you are bringing: We always take our travel crib and luckily even at two Liam hasn’t outgrown it. When he was younger it felt like we needed a lot more stuff! Now just the travel crib, LOTS of snacks, and some of his favorite toys. We usually bring a few things he’s never seen or hasn’t seen in a while. If you need a lot of stuff chances are you need more room. I also find that you need more room the older they get but sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

I think asking these 3 questions can really help you find kid friendly hotels when traveling. I remember when our priorities for hotels were walking distance to a beach but things change as you have kids.

What do you look for when traveling?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Finding Kid Friendly Hotels When Traveling

    1. Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block

      Knowing what’s nearby is such a good thing to know, you’re right. When we go on vacation it’s so nice to not have to load everyone up in the car everytime we want to do something. I really like being able to walk back to the room if we need . Thankfully we just ended our portable crib phase last summer — it was the most freeing feeling 🙂

    2. Angela Tolsma

      Whenever I booked trips with friends who have kids I always ask them for a list of necessities so I can unsure it’s a smooth journey for them. It’s definitely not easy to not be home but it’s also doable!

    3. Tonya Morris

      These are the top 3 questions you have to ask and or find out before renting a place. So smart. We’re currently pregnant so Ill be book marking this. Thanks!!

    4. Stephanie

      We love renting a house when we go on vacation with my kids. It makes things easier to have space for us all, and be able to put them to bed in a bedroom without us having to shut all the lights off, too. And, a kitchen is always great.

    5. Jess

      When you travel with kids, your hotel room becomes an activity hub with visits back during the day for naps, a change of clothes, or some downtime. You’ll also find yourself turning in earlier, at your child’s usual bedtime, meaning that you’ll need to be comfortable in the room after they’re sound asleep. You put some great points to consider.

    6. Christa

      This is so helpful! I often travel with my toddler but never seem to do the right amount of planning. Once I assumed a crib would be available and one wasn’t! Live and learn.

    7. Jessie

      I would just need a hotel that is kid friendly when it comes to noise because my three year old does not have a volume knob. I would actually need it also kid friendly as in things to do because no one in my family can sit still. Lol

    8. Becca Wilson

      Making sure that a hotel is totally family friendly is so important. I know that can make or break a really great family vacation!

    9. Melanie williams

      We don’t have kids, but I can understand from our point of view that a friendly hotel hands down is a must when we travel xx

    10. lorena

      Really helpfull tips I have kids and I do understand how frustrating can be sometimes to find one kid friendly. I am going to share with all my mummy friends. So I have to say thanks a lot


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