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Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Gifts

Baby/Parenting · Holiday Gift Guide · Sponsored Post · November 26, 2018

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Happy Monday and time for another gift guide! Today’s gift guide is focused on toddler gifts and a few gifts for kids of other ages too! Liam is almost two and he is more interested in certain toys and activities now so I feel like I have a good grasp on things to gift a toddler. Plus we have been to so many birthday parties for 2 and 3 year olds lately!

Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Gifts

Most toddlers I know boys and girls love trucks! This Tonka truck is a great price at under $10 and perfect for this age!

We love love love books! It’s a great gift to give any baby, toddler, or big kid! buybuy BABY has an awesome selection. We got this Bearenstain Bears book, this one, and two llama llama books!

At school Liam loves to play with dinosaurs and loves dinosaur books. So we got him this collection of dinosaurs. I know he will be obsessed.

I wanted to get Liam a water and sand table since he loves his water table so much and is so into sand and rocks too! This is another great option!

I found so many awesome bath toys to really expand his mind and have fun with and these are amazing! Perfect for any kiddo!

This ramp racer is something else he has at school that I know he loves and I think would make the perfect gift for any kiddo one to four!

We love Melissa and Doug toys and puzzles, they are so great for learning and Liam just LOVES them! So I wanted to snag a few puzzles and buybuy BABY has a great selection!

Liam’s big gift this year is a grill so he can be just like daddy! I loved this one and it was exactly what we wanted!

For his birthday in February we plan to get him this train table and buybuy BABY has awesome stuff to go with it too!

Liam LOVES LOVES LOVES Elmo and I found this and snagged it right away! Would make a great gift for any Elmo loving kiddo.

I am honestly impressed with the selection of toys, clothes, and holiday gifts at buybuy BABY! It’s really a one stop shop for Liam, my nieces, and any littles in my life and yours too! It really is THE BEST place to get all the things they could possibly, want and need. I love the selection of learning toys and big gifts!

Thank you to buybuy BABY for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and all items purchased at buybuy BABY! 

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  • 33 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Gifts

    1. michelle

      great post! my niece is nearly 1 and a half but she lives on the other side of the country from me so I’ve been having such a hard time figuring out what to get her. these are some great ideas!

      mich /

    2. Stephanie

      My boys are 3 and 5, so just a bit past your son’s age, and I can say yep, they had most of these toys and loved them! We are obsessed with Berenstain Bear books here right now, too.

    3. Lois Alter Mark

      As someone who hasn’t had young children for a long time now, I feel so out of the loop when it comes to buying gifts for my friends with toddlers. I have a feeling buybuyBaby is going to change that!

    4. Nicole Gilbert

      As a mom of 3 under the age of four, I can confirm that buying toddler gifts is the hardest thing in the world. We have that outdoor grill and the bernstein bears books and both are a huge hit!

    5. Clare Minall

      Oh wow, those were really a great gift ideas for the kids. My kids love reading and Bearenstain Bears book sounds like a book that could hook them in just the first page! thanks for recommendation

    6. Patricia Chamberlain

      This is a great list! My daughter will be two on New Years Eve and this year we struggled to tell people what she’d like. She doesn’t have words to tell us yet, and she has so much stuff already! I will pass this list on to those who are still shopping for her.

    7. Tiffany

      The train table is my personal favorite, a gift that outlasts the ages! I love the outdoor bbq too because my son would love to stand next to Daddy and pretend to cook too! We have a few Melissa and Doug things on our list also!

    8. Angela Tolsma

      This is perfect, I have so many toddlers in my life and never have any idea what to get them. I usually end up with books because it’s what I like and toddler books are always fascinating!

    9. brittnienicole

      I love buying gifts for the little ones. Their faces and the pure joy that overcomes them brings me so much happiness! Thanks for the ideas!

    10. Ellie Plummer

      These are some great ideas. We always struggle with what to get my boyfriend’s nieces so this is really helpful.

    11. Presiii

      I don’t any kids yet but my choice would have been the vacuum cleaner. I am a clean freak and teaching the kids to clean and pick up after themselves would have been a great idea.

    12. Surekha Busa

      What a brilliant gift ideas! I always love giving a gift to my niece and nephew. It’s perfect because I’m making my own list now for the gift ideas.

    13. Subhashish Roy

      You took me back to childhood. Childhood memories with the very little options we had when I was a good. Wonderful gift ideas.

    14. Nicole

      These are all great gift ideas! My son would love the vacuum and kitchen the best! I’ll have to look into getting that vacuum for him..he would love it! Thanks for sharing!

    15. NAti

      We have a new toddler in the family! My niece will turn one in a few days and since my own kids are older, it’s so nice to have a baby around again, she’ll be showered with toys!

    16. David Elliott

      I wish I had seen something like this when my daughter was younger. She would have loved the water and sand table. Not sure how well it would have worked with her mom. But I know she would have had an amazing time inventing things there.

    17. catherine shane

      It’s so hard to think a gift for a toddler but now I think I know it, This looks great and a perfect for them thanks for sharing this.

    18. Geraline Polintan

      Everything was great. Exact gifts to prepare for children this coming holiday/season. They will definitely enjoy having this kind of gifts 🙂


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