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No Kid Hungry

Inspire · Sponsored Post · November 27, 2018

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This post is sponsored by Church’s Chicken but my all opinions are my own.

This is a very different kind of post because I really just want to share an amazing initiative with you guys. This year Church’s Chicken and Fanta have partnered to help support an amazing organization called No Kid Hungry. Did you know that 1 in 6 children in the US faces hunger daily? But that is something we together, can change. That’s why I was excited to join forces and support Churches, Fanta, and No Kid Hungry and their goal to end childhood hunger.

So how can you help support their quest? Right now when you buy a meal and a large Fanta in the limited edition No Kid Hungry cup Church’s Chicken will donate a portion of the proceed to Don’t have a Church’s Chicken near you but still want to help out? You can donate directly to Your donation IS tax deductible and is a really great way to help children in need this holiday season.

When we got back from vacation recently and literally had no food in our house we ran to Church’s Chicken to pick up their some of their family meals which was a great way to get a yummy dinner and help support the No Kid Hungry initiative!

Andrew was pretty excited to get a Fanta (his fav) with his meal! He loves Fanta as it celebrates flavor by adding a spark of bold and carefree fun to every situation! It is caffeine free, 100% natural flavors and inspired by real fruit flavors! I am pretty sure he could live off of it.

I am grateful that Fanta, Churches, and No Kid Hungry have teamed up together to really try to make a difference to hungry children across the USA. Since today is “Giving Tuesday” I encourage you to head to your nearest Church’s Chicken, grab a meal and a large Fanta with your family and make an impact at the same time!

Thank you to Church’s Chicken and Fanta for sponsoring this post.

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  • 18 thoughts on “No Kid Hungry

    1. Jennifer

      I love that Churches chicken does this. I always have so much respect for companies that give back, especially to children in need!

    2. Marjie Mare

      Absolutely amazing post. I did not know about that organization and the initiative. To me, it is imperative that all children are fed and live a happy life.

    3. Stephanie

      I didn’t know Church’s Chicken is working with this initiative. I can’t imagine, as a mom, what it would be like to know my kids are hungry. We go to Church’s often, I’ll have to see if our local one is supporting No Kid Hungry.

    4. Melanie

      What an amazing campaign this is. I love how you are supporting the campaign by raising awareness through this post xc

    5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      This is a great campaign! Just a simple way of helping out and enjoying a meal for yourself. That makes you feel good inside knowing that a part of your bill will be donated to such a worthy cause.

    6. Elizabeth O

      We live in a country that is abundantly blessed yet, there are kids who go hungry. I actually chose No Kid Hungry for my Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook and Facebook will match whatever donations I got.

    7. Flossie McCowald

      What a really great cause! We don’t have these near us, but I’m so glad you told me about it!!! There are so many in so much need, which is just not right given how wealthy our country as a whole is…

    8. Becca Wilson

      This is so very great of a cause! I absolutely love Fanta and my kids also get excited when they can have it.

    9. Robert Frost

      Really appreciated. Great efforts I m also a blogger but so I am going to subscribe your blogs for the next update. keep sharing all the time I found some new pieces of information from your blogs.


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