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How Often Should You …

Beauty · January 9, 2017

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Do you ever wonder to yourself how often you should change your razor blades? Toothbrush? Mascara? I certainly do! It’s so hard to know how long things are supposed to last or when to throw them out and get a new one. Instead of having to look it up each time I have compiled a list for you to keep handy just in case you ever wonder how often should you throw something out!

How Often Should You …

Change your razor blade: This one I found a few different answers to. If you are using the same razor with throw out blades, most averages say 5-10 uses or until you see a nick or cut happen easily. I do not do this enough!

Toothbrush: According to the American Dental Association you should be changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months! This I think I may do too often haha.

Loofah: WOW! I was way off with this. Apparently you should be deep cleaning it every 5 days and using a new one every month!

Mascara: We should be replacing our mascara every 3 months according to what I found. After 3 months of being open bacteria can start to grow inside the tube. I guess its time for some new mascaras!

Lipstick: Several websites say that lipstick can last up to a year, but lip gloss should be tossed after about 6 months! Who knew?

Makeup brushes: I found that makeup brushes,hair wigs brushes should be tossed every 1-4 years according to my dermatologist. I was in his office recently and asked him this. He said depending on if you are using powders such as blushes (more towards 4 years) or liquids such as foundations (more towards 1 year). Thank goodness because brushes are NOT cheap!

Beautyblenders: While makeup brushes can last quite a while, several websites and a salesgirl at Sephora told me that you should be throwing them out every other month. Thank goodness there are budget friendly options!

Hairbrush: Every one to two years. Considering I just replaced a four year old hair brush I feel like higher quality ones can last longer! Everything I read said to remove excess hair after every use and clean often. If you are doing both of these things you are probably fine.

I am curious if there is anything you would add to this list. Obviously there are tons and tons of things around our homes, bathrooms, and in our makeup bags we should be aware of how long we are keeping. What is one that shocked you?

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  • 52 thoughts on “How Often Should You …

    1. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

      Whoa, I’ve had my hairbrush since college………time to get a new one, haha!

      I solved the problem of the razor thing. I subscribe to Dollar Shave Club and they send new razor blades every two weeks so I know when I get it, it’s time to swap!

    2. Cara

      Great list! I don’t think most people realize that things need to be switched out as often as they do, so this is a helpful guideline!

    3. Brittany

      I had no idea about any of these! I use all of mine way too long! Razors are probably the closest thing you mentioned that I get rid of accurately-I throw them away every month. Ugh! I will have to get better!

    4. Jen

      I’m guilty of using my razor blades until they don’t cut well … like sometimes for upwards of a month at a time. They’re just so darn expensive. I do throw out my beautyblenders every few weeks and change my toothbrush every month or so.

    5. Kim

      Not gonna lie, I am awful about changing out my razors. Why are they so expensive??!! Mascara I did know about. Toothbrushes too. We go through toothbrushes a lot here. Have a great week!!

    6. adriana lopez

      I love my Loofah leaves my skin bright and feeling so clean and yes I keep it clean too. I agree with you make up brushes can be full of bacteria we need to dispose them more often and actually clean often.

    7. Tami Qualls

      I don’t change out my beauty products quick enough! I usually use something until it’s bone dry or falling apart.

    8. Lexi

      Wow, I am way off on some of this stuff. Who knew a loofah should be thrown out every month. Some of these made me think ew and that I need to be replacing some of these things!

    9. Elizabeth O

      Hmm mm very interesting data. I can’t help but wonder how these figures were determined, and if they came from the manufacturer or health industry? Happy New Year! 🙂

    10. Alicia

      I gave up my loofah in exchange for a big, scratchy cloth that I can throw in the wash. I’m also always been freaky about replacing my makeup. I replace my razors when they dull.

    11. Nora M Spaulding

      Hey! This is a GREAT post and I never thought of writing something so useful! 🙂 wow! It sorta opened my eyes to the usage that things get. Luckily I just changed my toothbrush, razor and loofah.. So I think I’m safely covered for now. I pinned and shared on FB too. Loved it!

    12. Southern & Style

      This was a really interesting read! I don’t replace my loofah enough-that’s for sure! When it starts getting stretched out though, that’s when I know it’s gotta go!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style


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