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How To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

Fitness and Health · October 29, 2020

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As you all know fitness is something that is very important to me. But I understand what it’s like to be in a fitness rut. How to get out of a fitness rut is also something I am familiar with! I have some great tips that will hopefully motivate you as we come into the winter months.

How To Get Our Of A Fitness Rut

  • Find something new: Whenever I have started something new I feel this sense of renewed excitement in workouts. Working out with a new trainer, finding a new class at your gym, or a new at-home workout. I mentioned I really enjoy Melissa Wood Health and I highly recommend it.
  • Ask a friend to join: Nothing better than finding a fun workout with a friend. You can even do it virtually! Check-in with each other and agree to do it every day!
  • Put it on your calendar: This is a big one for me. I know if something is on my calendar it has to happen. I find that having it right there tells me I have blocked off that time, I have made a commitment to myself.
  • Do it first thing: I also do it FIRST THING! I wake up before my kids and husband and I get my workout done. Now that it’s getting a little too cold for my 6 AM walks that’s when I do my workout. That way when my kids get up I have already checked something really important off my list.
  • Do a challenge with friends: I love a challenge, it’s the competitor in me. Even my husband and I will do Fitbit steps challenges. I feel like doing any kind of challenge really motivates me and I bet it would for you too!
  • Make a new playlist: A new playlist can be so motivating! If you aren’t in the mood to create one yourself Spotify has millions.
  • Find a fun Podcast: Working out is one of the only times I can listen to Podcasts. So finding a new Podcast is really exciting to me because it motivates me to get my butt into workout gear so I can listen! No matter what your interests are there are Podcasts for you! You can find some of my favorites here.

I think with everything going on right now it’s pretty common to get into a fitness rut. But, seasonal depression may be at an all-time high this year, and working out is something that can really help with depression. Hopefully, this post inspires some of you!

Do you have any tips to share on how to get out of a fitness rut?

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  • 10 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

    1. Stephanie

      I was in a rut for the last couple of weeks. We just had so much going on that I was beyond exhausted which meant getting up early to do my workouts wasn’t happening. I like to be up before my boys and have my workout and shower done before they wake, too. Today, I told my husband we were doing our workout, like it or not. So, we did. I think I get more exhausted when I’m not working out, but the exhaustion makes it hard to get up and then I get stuck.

    2. Joline

      Good tips! I find myself in a fitness rut once a month at least. Usually when I’m sore or when work is super exhausting that day. I find that allowing myself to be lazy for a few days actually helps. Then I’m back at it.

    3. Stephanie

      You’re great at giving fitness advice. I’m really terrible at working out at all, mostly due to my chronic illness. It just complicates matters. However, I do remember a time where it wasn’t like that – and I would’ve loved reading this for the encouragement then as well! You have excellent tips.

    4. Candace Hampton

      I absolutely love these tips! Being an active person myself, these are great tips for someone that does need to get out of a rut and get going. I like that you list your personal experience with each of the tips you give to give an extra nudge in the right direction. My favorite tip has to be the find something new because you have to keep things fresh to stay engaged in them. Thank you for the great tips!

    5. Megan Elliott

      These are some awesome tips. I had been doing really well with getting out to walk in my neighborhood frequently, but I’ve been slacking off lately! It really is such a great mood-booster.

    6. Beth Berger

      I definitely think doing a challenge is a great way to get out of a fitness rut. I love all the free 30-day challenges that various instructors do on their websites or on YouTube. It’s really motivating to think about completing 30 days of something!!


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