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Keeping An Eye On Baby

Baby · Sponsored Post · July 6, 2017

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arlo Baby. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we found out we were pregnant with Liam we knew we need a video monitor to keep an eye on him. Our bedroom is downstairs and his nursery is upstairs. They really could not be two further apart rooms in our home. He was in our room with us for 5 weeks before we moved him upstairs. The first night we were FREAKING OUT! What if needed us? What if he was upset? Spoiler Alert: he was fine. One thing that has helped ease the fear is our Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera

Keeping An Eye On Baby

Keeping an eye on baby boy has really made things easy for us. The Arlo camera works AMAZING in his room. Plus, if we aren’t home and he is going to be in the playroom with a babysitter it easily moves around. We’ve even traveled with it! You can move it around for hours and then recharge it!  Arlo Baby lets you know quickly whether the noise was something or nothing. Meaning it tells you if a noise was in fact your baby crying.  With night vision that won’t let darkness get in the way and HD technology that reveals every detail for complete peace of mind, you won’t ever have to leave your baby alone again. We can watch a movie in the living room and keep an eye on Liam at the same time. I can also peak in at him if I am at the gym or running errands and know my sweet boy is safe and sound. It has two-way talk straight from your smartphone! That’s such a cool feature for us. Andrew loves that even when he’s at work he can see Liam.

It has soothing lullabies and white noise you send your baby to sleep with each night. You can even record your own voice and manage music playing remotely from your smartphone. You can also monitor your nursery’s air condition, including temperature, humidity, and VOCs level. Get alerted whenever something is not in your desired range. You guys we live in Texas and it’s HOT so this feature is KEY!

We love keeping an eye on baby boy and this is the camera to make us feel better about it!

Do you use a camera for your little ones?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye On Baby

    1. robin rue

      I had a video monitor with my youngest son, but monitors have definitely come a long way since my kids were little. This sounds like a good one!

    2. Nicole

      I have gone through so many video/audio monitors with my three kids. Somehow, despite getting what I believe to be are good ones based on Amazon reviews, they end up freezing, crashing, battery doesn’t charge, etc. The one I have settled on I am not even super fond of because it is hard to see them when dark in the room. But, with as much as I have spent on monitors I was not going to buy another one! LOL! This one does sound like a great one if I do bite the bullet and choose to update to a better one! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Nakeya

      I have a 19 year old, 11 year old, and now a 10 month old. I never used a monitor with the first two, but it is a must with the new baby. The Arlo has many interesting features. Thanks for posting.

    4. christine

      It’s amazing how far video monitor technology has come. When I wanted a video monitor my husband was against it because of how crappy the footage was. I have baby gear envy of everyone with newborns these days.

    5. Divya

      That camera is super cute! I feel like there are so many varieties out there – it’s helpful to hear from someone about their preferences. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Liz Mays

      I definitely like that you can communicate through your device if you need to. It’s nice that you can monitor things like temperature and humidity as well.


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