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Best Personal Growth Podcasts

Inspire · Life · July 10, 2017

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Hi friends! Yes another post where I talk about podcasts. Sorry not sorry I love them. I have previously talked about my favorite podcasts, blogging podcasts, and also podcasts for moms. So today I am sharing the best personal growth podcasts. These tend to be a little more about making yourself better either with finances, self care, or just expanding yourself.

best personal growth podcasts

Best Personal Growth Podcasts

Happier With Gretchen Rubin: Did you read any of Gretchen Rubin’s books? If so you will love this podcast which is basically an extension of them.

The Balanced Blonde: I recently started listening to this Podcast and binged a bunch of episodes. Jordan talks to a lot of different people about self love, yoga, fitness, health, and everything in between.

The Good Life Project: There have been episodes with Brene Brown, Jen Sincero, and Elizabeth Gilbert so that right there should tell you all you need to know.

Savage Lovecast: Dan Savage is not for everyone, I personally love him so if you want a podcasts about sex, politics, and a lot of other random stuff. This is for you.

From The Heart: This is a new favorite. Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher and talks about motherhood and love, and I really love this newer podcast.

The Ultimate Health Podcast: Health experts discuss fitness, nutrition, superfoods and more. Topics like going gluten free, medical misinformation, etc.

Don’t Blame Me: If you’ve ever watched Meghan Rienks YouTube, her podcast is every bit as funny!

Vibrant Happy Women: Interviews with a lot of different women also including Brene Brown (fav) and Gretchen Rubin this one is great for any woman wanting to be uplifted.

Earn Your Happy: This is a great self love podcast with lots of inspirational people each week and positivity galore!

That’s So Retrograde: This one is a little more silly and funny with two friends who talk about pretty much everyone, but I feel like pretty much anyone can relate to it!

So these are just a few of the personal growth podcasts I listen to and I really think everyone can find at least one of them fun and entertaining!

Do you listen to any personal growth podcasts?

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  • 32 thoughts on “Best Personal Growth Podcasts

    1. Jenny

      This is such a great roundup. Thank you for sharing. I was just online searching for new podcasts to add to my listen list and this is super helpful!

    2. Laura

      Awesome!!! I just heard an interview with balanced blonde and loved it.

      I listen to the Tony Robbins podcast and Almost 30 which I really love (almost 30 is where I heard balanced blonde) plus a whole bunch of funny ones when commuting, which may not be growth related but they pass the time 😉

      Laura @

    3. Samantha

      Never apologize for podcast suggestions! It’s such a great way to educate ourselves in a modern world. I recently started listening to The Chasing Joy Podcast. It’s great for inspiration.

    4. hey sharonoox

      Great compilation! I’ve heard about beauty podcast but haven’t actually listen to this particular topic. I might check out on their podcast. Thanks for sharing!

    5. Leslie Soto

      I’m always looking for inspirational and fun podcasts to listen to and surprisingly, I don’t listen to any of these yet. Thank you for sharing. I’m adding these to my list to listen to!

    6. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I have not listened to a lot of podcasts but I do think these ones you listed here are worth listening to. I love self help books so I guess podcasts that are in the same genre would be nice. Thank you. I will be checking these out.

    7. Liz Mays

      These sound like they’d be pleasant to listen to while working. I think a health podcast like The Ultimate Health Podcast would be perfect for me.

    8. Christina

      I love Podcasts! I used to listen to several a day on my long commutes to work. I need to get back into them though. These are great. If you haven’t already, I also suggest listening to a podcast called “Stuff Mom Never Told You” It’s one of my ALL TIME favorites. It’s all about women – the struggles we go through, politics, prejudices, motherhood, feminism. It’s just amazing. Thank you for this awesome list though, I can’t wait to check them out and your other lists you mentioned!


    9. Anna

      I actually haven’t listened to any personal growth podcasts! I’m more of a pop culture podcast listener, but I’ll definitely look into these!

    10. Kiara

      I need to check out Don’t Blame Me and The Good Life Project. I’ve been loving Lavendaire so much recently. Loved this list!

    11. Jolleen

      Okay well, you got me interested. I will admit I have never once listened to a podcast before but now I really want to! Thanks for this list, I’ll be checking them out soon. I love hearing new, encouraging voices.

    12. Pam

      What a great list! I find myself doing a lot of driving lately and these will give me something to listen to besides music. Sounds like they will make the time by go faster too.

    13. Sarah

      I’ll have to check out the ones you mentioned about health and going gluten free! I just got a blood test back that showed that I have a marker of Celiac Disease!!!

    14. Robert

      I am always wanted to start listening to podcasts. I just never knew what was out there. Thank you for the list. I will keep it bookmarked and use it for later.

    15. Hanna

      This is exactly what I needed! I’ve been starting to get into podcasts lately and I just have no idea where to being! Thanks!

    16. Courtney

      I just love listening to podcast!!! Especially when I’m on long car rides. I will have to check a few of these out!

    17. Hempsoft

      Great blog it contains lot of information which is very helpful for us this blog is very interesting and informative also i like this blog thanks for sharing.


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