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Momtuition Moments

Baby/Parenting · Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · May 18, 2018

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Everyone says that when you have a baby your mom intuition or mother’s instinct just appears. This could not be more true. I want to share a few of my momtuition moments with you guys and I hope you’ll share yours with me!

Momtuition Moments

When Liam was a newborn he mostly just ate and slept like other newborns. I could always tell he was about to want to eat when he would smack his lips together. I caught onto it one random day, and just knew that it was time for me to make a bottle! Even now as a toddler he does it when he’s hungry or eating and thinks something is REALLY good! When he was a newborn we also had the HARDEST time finding bottles he liked. He would do this head shake telling me no when he didn’t like it. Finally, we found the amazing Philips Avent bottles and never looked back!

This one may be TMI for you non-moms out there, but when Liam needs to use the bathroom he, like all of us, likes a little privacy, so he crawls behind a chair, his ballpit, or anything he can hide behind. That’s how I know it’s time for a diaper change! Mom intuition win!

He’s in a big mommy phase right now. Of course he loves his daddy and other people, too, but I can tell just by his mannerisms that if putting him down for a second is going to yield a cry or not. He will grab my shirt and bury his head in my shoulder. I know that this is his way of saying “no mama, I’m not quite ready for you to put me down just yet.”

When he gets tired, he gets cranky – and like a lot of babies he rubs his eyes. But being his mom and knowing his mannerisms helps me figure out the level of tired. Like, is this a night where even a short book is pushing it? Do I need to say his blessing at warp speed? I always just know! I know a day will come, unfortunately sooner rather than later, that he won’t need me as much. The “mama mama mama” days are numbered. I know it’s part of growing up, but gosh if I don’t love the moments right now where even without words, I just know what he needs – it is almost magical.

Speaking of magic moments, Philips Avent (a brand Liam and I are big fans of!) and SoulPancake put this amazing video together with moms talking about their own mom intuition moments aka mamalogues! Grab the tissues and watch it here. Then share your own mamalogues in the comments below!

Thank you Philips Avent for partnering on this post. 

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  • 15 thoughts on “Momtuition Moments

    1. Dana

      Aw, that brought me back to my big girls’ baby years. It’s so bittersweet to watch them grow! And yes, mine used to hide to go poop. So funny!

    2. Nita

      Love how he actually loves to eat a lot of babies give you a hard time over feeding.. What was different from the Event bottle and other bottles you had tried?

    3. Kristi

      Mom “intuition” is definitely a thing! Even now that my kids are grown, I can see the signs of when things aren’t quite right in their lives, or they are tired or hungry… it never stops! Sometimes, though, they can throw you a curve ball when something is wrong and you can’t figure out why. Sometimes they don’t even know why or don’t know how to communicate it. That’s when patience and understanding and just being there for them steps in.

      They are only human too! And so are we… Love them always!

    4. Catherine Sargent

      I agree that mom knows best. My son didn’t care who was around when he need to go, he even did it sitting on Santa’s lap.

    5. Annemarie LeBlanc

      This post brought back memories of the days when my kids were still babies. My youngest son would say “poo poo” when he farts. And then after a few seconds, he’d go to the toilet and say, “Ma, poo poo.” That means he really needs to poop. I did not have a hard time potty training him, unlike my two older children. Now that I am a grandmother, I have come to learn about their body language and mannerisms to let me know what they need.

    6. Eileen Mendoza Loya

      There is no instruction book to follow once you become a parent. It is just a matter of honing in to your intuition and following your gut. There is only one thing for sure… We are doing the best we can, in the best way we know, to care for those tiny humans to be the best they can ever be.

    7. Courtney

      Awwwww your post definitely has me reminiscing about my daughters newborn years! They grow up so fast. Feels like yesterday

    8. Nita

      Love how he actually loves to eat a lot of babies give you a hard time over feeding.. What was different from the avent bottle and other bottles you had tried?


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