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My Breastfeeding Experience

Baby/Parenting · Sponsored Post · January 7, 2020

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Thank you to Aeroflow Breastpumps for partnering on this post. All experiences and opinions are my own. 

When I was pregnant with Liam I honestly thought breastfeeding him would be a breeze. I mean that’s what our bodies are made to do right? It was my plan. I had formula ready at home just in case but I had ALL THE THINGS for breastfeeding. I was ready for the journey. I want to share my breastfeeding experience with both of my kids because I think it’s something women don’t talk about enough… the struggle.

My Breastfeeding Experience

Like I said I assumed breastfeeding would come naturally and easy. That’s what all the TV shows and movies tell us. I had seen so many of my friends have GREAT experiences and had no reason to think mine would be different. Well here’s what happened…

Liam went to the NICU 4 hours after he was born and I was told to pump. I got NOTHING. Even days and days later I got NOTHING. I still did it but it would be droppers of milk that would come out. After 30 minutes of pumping to not even get an ounce was so upsetting. I kept at it through the hospital experience, and once we got home. It never got better and after a few weeks, I just decided enough was enough. I would wake Liam and feed him a bottle and then pump for 30 minutes. Then 90 minutes later I would have to do it all again and still was getting barely anything. I was emotionally and mentally drained.

So we switched to formula exclusively and I felt like a failure. Not to give him formula but just because my body didn’t do what I was told it would do. I got over it eventually and then I got pregnant again!

So here’s what went down this time. I went back and forth during my pregnancy. Will I try again? Is it worth it to my sanity? I decided to try a different pump. I got the Motif Luna pump and really loved how compact and simple it was. Andrew said it reminded him of a rice cooker which cracked me up. It fit so easily by Charlotte’s rocker and it was really easy to use and figure out. While I am not breastfeeding or exclusively pumping I am happy that Charlotte was able to get SOME milk from me even though it’s not much.

What I love about the Motif is that it’s comfortable and efficient because I do not have 30 minutes to pump! It’s also really easy to use and you are in control of the settings. There’s also a built-in night light which is great when you are zombie waking up at 3 AM to pump. There’s a quiet mode so you aren’t waking everyone up with the obnoxious sound that some pumps produce. It’s also only 2 pounds so you aren’t lugging around a ton of stuff/weight .

When it was time to get my pump this time I went through Aeroflow. Aeroflow is WONDERFUL and about 1,000 times easier and better than going through insurance directly. If you didn’t know you get a breast pump free through insurance. Aeroflow specializes in helping moms get their breast pump AND pregnancy and postpartum support garments (like maternity support bands, compression socks, and postpartum recovery garments) through insurance. Did you know you are able to get all of those things through insurance or by using your HSA (health savings account)?

Aeroflow takes care of the entire process, including filing the insurance claim and getting necessary documents from your doctor All you have to do is fill out the quick and easy Qualify Through Insurance form to get started! Aeroflow Breastpumps also has a great selection of supplies and accessories for new and expecting mamas. The kinds of things I had no idea you could get from there like milk storage bags and nursing pads, to cleaning supplies and hands-free pumping bras, you can get it all when you place an order for your pump!

I think as women we are set up to believe it’s all going to be easy and when it’s not it can really lead to a lot of guilt. It’s something I really think isn’t spoken about enough. At the end of the day fed is best and making sure you have a healthy, happy, fed baby is what’s most important. I hope by sharing my breastfeeding experience and struggles it lets other women know that it’s OK if it doesn’t go according to plan and it’s OK if your body just doesn’t fully cooperate. But that you can be outfitted with all the materials, knowledge, and supplies to set you up for the most success by using Aeroflow!

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  • 15 thoughts on “My Breastfeeding Experience

    1. Denise

      My mom says she had a less than stellar experience with me. Back then there wasn’t the encouragement for women that there is today. I’m glad you stuck with it.

    2. Elizabeth O

      Breastfeeding is truly not for everyone as some women have great difficulty with it. It can be a wonderful experience when a baby latches on successfully but that doesn’t happen 100% of the time. I agree with you that having a baby FED any way possible is best. How a mother goes about doing it is her decision and should be applauded. I’m with you on this one. 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      Breastfeeding was not for me. My oldest was in the nursery for the first 24 hours. I also tried to pump and got nothing. I did about half and half at home with him. With my youngest I did exclusive breastfeeding for 3 weeks and I couldn’t handle it. Maybe if I had a better pump than the cheap one insurance gave me I might have lasted longer.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I can imagine your frustration. But like you said, breastfeeding is not for everyone. I breastfed all my children until they were 18 months old. However, my daughter had issues with breast milk flow when she gave birth to her child. All those supplements she took did not help much. Thankfully, she was able to get “breast milk donations” from her friend who produced more milk than her baby could consume.

    5. Brandy

      I have heard similar stories to yours. Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally and doesn’t always work as easily as we seem to think. My heart goes out to moms who put the pressure on themselves to “do it right”. The only “right” way is to just make sure our baby is fed, period 🙂

    6. Melanie williams

      Everyone is different, but I think it is lovely how you have taken time out to share your own personal experiences xx

    7. Tami

      Having the right pump makes all the difference in one’s breastfeeding success. I had one that did a fantastic job, but I had to pay for it out of my pocket. I didn’t know about these options at the time.

    8. Marysa

      This looks like a great pump. I pumped exclusively for both of my kids – the first time, for 6 months, and the second for over a year. It is so important to have a good pump!

    9. rakesh

      Breastfeeding was not for me. My oldest was in the nursery for the first 24 hours. I also tried to pump and got nothing. I did about half and half at home with him. With my youngest I did exclusive breastfeeding for 3 weeks and I couldn’t handle it. Maybe if I had a better pump than the cheap one insurance gave me I might have lasted longer.


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