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Favorite Apps For Health

Fitness and Health · January 6, 2020

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As you saw with my post last week about my goals for the year, one of my big goals is health and it’s also my word of the year. So today I want to share my favorite apps for health that I use or that I plan to use. This doesn’t JUST mean physical health. So I have a lot of allover health apps here.

Favorite Apps For Health

Headspace: This is the best mental health app! If you don’t meditate you need to! I started using headspace over a year ago. It truly helps so much with my anxiety.

Weight Watchers: When I had Liam I used WW to lose my baby weight and it helped me so much. It also taught me a ton about portion control. With this baby I have been using it again!

iTrackBites: It’s similar to WW and a similar concept if you don’t want to pay the monthly WW fee.

Fitbit: I love my Fitbit and use the app to track steps, sleep, heart rate, weight, etc.

ClassPass: If you want to try lots of different work out classes, ClassPass is a great app and program. There are monthly credits you can use at different price points and different studios/classes are different credit amounts.

MyFitnessPal: I haven’t used this in years but I used to all the time! It’s a great place to track workouts and food!

Super Habit: I did this a ton at the beginning of last year and then when I got pregnant and was super sick it fell apart. I have habits set up to read for 30 minutes each day, walk 10K steps, work out, drink 75 oz of water and a few others. Such a great place to keep track of healthy habits you want to create!

Do you have any favorite apps for health? Would love to check new ones out!


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  • 16 thoughts on “Favorite Apps For Health

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      I have such an old phone, that I really need to get upgrade ASAP, so it won’t let me add any new apps. It’s annoying, but whenever I do get a new one, I’ll have to look into some of these. I definitely want to be healthier this year too – drink more water, figure out better things to eat (that keep me full), and move more! And of course, I want to be mentally healthy as well.


    2. Brandy

      I am going to have to further review each of these apps to ensure I choose one or two that help me. I love that you shared these, I hadn’t heard of these apps for better health yet!

    3. Stephanie

      These are some great apps! I use LoseIt! for tracking food. It’s basically a calorie counter. Otherwise I use the apps built into the Apple watch like the breathe app and exercise tracking. Another good one for health is “Think Dirty” to see what toxins and chemicals are in the household items you may have around.

    4. Fae Celine Ong

      I’ve been more health-conscious lately and these apps are amazing. I want to start living a healthy lifestyle. I watch what I eat and make sure that I exercise so that I am physically fit. Thank you for these suggestions!

    5. Clarice

      Oh! This is wonderful. This is the first time I heard about headspace and I have a need to have one. Downloading it right now. Thank you so much for sharing.

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Interesting! I don’t have any fitness apps but since I promised myself to pay more attention to my health this year, I will check these apps out. I am familiar with Fitbit because my son has it. I will try that first.

    7. Kalyon Subbarao

      Recently have started using Google fit app, really helpful to keep a track of our daily step count, calories burnt, and also monitors your sleep pattern. I am enjoying using this app. After going through the above list will try out weight watchers….!


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