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My Review of Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen

Thank you Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post.

When Rodan + Fields contacted me to try out their new REDEFINE Regimen, I was very intrigued. At 36, I am definitely starting to see more fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Aging is a thing, and it creeps up on you. I was thrilled they gave me 2 months to try it out before posting my review because I really want to make sure I can give skincare the time it needs to see visible results.

So, what is REDEFINE?

It is a 3-step, customized routine that smooths the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles, improves uneven-looking skin texture, tightens the look of pores, and visibly plumps, firms, lifts and sculpts. It leverages advanced technologies and Rodan + Fields’ Multi-Med Therapy approach to address all major signs of aging in one simple-to-use Regimen. It’s basically all you need in the way of skincare. Nothing else to add to your routine. Rodan + Fields clinically tests each product individually and as a system to make sure it provides visible results.

The REDEFINE Regimen allows you to customize your routine to target the visible signs of aging around the clock and fit your texture preferences. This also helps select products based on what your skin needs, whether that is because of your skin type or external factors, like the season/weather. The Multi-Med Therapy within the REDEFINE Regimen works to perform at the optimal time of day for better than ever results. During the day, powerful Peptides + Botanical Extracts minimize the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, while Peptides + Grape & Beet Extracts help visibly firm. At night, the PM products help sculpt, define & lift to visibly improve facial contours with exclusive Peptide Technology plus Retinoid Science.

I love that the products for night and day differ, so you know you are getting the best possibly ingredients throughout the day then over night when your skin is absorbing all the good stuff while you sleep.

So, what are the steps?

  • Step one is cleanser and there are two options:

REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser: 2-in-1 cleanser + mask gently exfoliates, smooths + removes daily impurities like dirt, oil + makeup. Or you can use REDEFINE Daily Foaming Cleanser: a creamy foaming cleanser lathers to leave skin feeling soft + supple as it removes daily impurities like dirt, oil + makeup. I always prefer a foaming cleanser since it’s what works best for my skin.

Pore Refining Toner: Skin softening toner that minimizes the appearance of pores + exfoliates to promote natural cell turnover. This highly active prep solution allows for better and more even absorption on the surface of the skin to get the maximum benefits from the efficacious moisturizer that follows.

  • Step three is divided between AM and PM and each one has two choices. For AM I use the REDEFINE Triple Defense Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30: Lightweight moisturizing lotion + sunscreen nourishes skin while improving the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles + firms while it protects against harmful UV rays. There is also a the REDEFINE Triple Defense Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30, but I prefer the lotion consistency and felt as though it felt less heavy on my skin. In the evening I use the REDEFINE Overnight Reparative Lotion: Potent nighttime lotion improves the look of fine lines + deep wrinkles, plus visibly lifts, sculpts + defines to improve facial contours for younger-looking skin. Again, there is a cream option, but this is what worked better for me with my texture preferences and skin type.

What did I think? I noticed a huge difference about 4 weeks in. I felt as though my skin looked less dull and I noticed a little bit less lines. Nothing insane but enough to notice it was working. After 8 weeks I saw a bit more of a difference which made me feel as though if I kept going, I would continue to see improvement. My skin tolerated it all quite well and I had no issues. The Regimen lasts 60 days and there is a money back guarantee so you really can’t lose with giving the REDEFINE Regimen a try.

Click here to purchase or learn more about the REDEFINE Regimen!

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