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5 New Years Workout Essentials

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · January 5, 2018

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With the new year here everyone is heading back to the gym. Right? I mean I have NEVER seen my gym parking lot so full. So for those of you jumping back into it or those of you who are just continuing your healthy life, I am sharing 5 new years workout essentials that will help get you going!

5 New Years Workout Essentials

Caffeine: I can’t go to the gym until I have SOME SORT of caffeine. Some days if I am going super early I just don’t have time for coffee. So lately I have been trying the Alert Caffeine Gum. Alert is a caffeinated chewing gum for adults that gives you a boost when you need it. One piece of Alert Caffeine Gum is equal to half a cup of coffee, so if you can’t get that morning coffee in before it’s perfect!Ā  Plus it’s portable! Alert Caffeine Gum goes where caffeinated beverages cannot (energy drinks, shots, coffee) ā€“ in your gym bag, in your shorts pocket, in the console of your spin bike, wherever! This has been great for me because honestly being so busy with Liam I can’t always get a boost before my workout at home or at the gym. So this gum is handy to have on my way to the gym or while playing with him before I go!

New Shoes: Nothing says goals like starting the new year out with new shoes. There are so many insanely great sales right now to find great workout shoes. Plus the right shoes will save you in muscle issues and knee issues down the road.

Entertainment: I need some sort of distraction at the gym. Personally, I love podcasts. I have tons of suggestions here if you are a podcast lover. If not make a great playlist on Spotify or scroll to find ones you love. There is always Netflix too! Seriously tons of options to distract you.

Post Workout Snack: I am usually pretty hungry after a workout. My favorite go to snack right now is a banana. Sometimes with peanut butter but it’s easy to transport or grab from the snack bar at my gym. Make sure you pop something in your purse or gym bag for after your workout.

Hydration: Hydration is KEY! I got a Yeti Tumbler for Christmas that I have been loving and I swear it has been helping me reach one of my goals of drinking more water. Make sure you bring water with you and keep refilling it as needed.

I hope you found my new years workout essentials helpful to get you going on your goals!

I would love to know if fitness is one of your goals for this year and what your workout essentials are. Let me know in the comments!

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  • 20 thoughts on “5 New Years Workout Essentials

    1. Chelsae

      I am so impressed by that gum! I have never heard of it before. Both my husband and I are addicted to coffee – this has our name written all over it! In the past I have listened to books on tape as I run, I haven’t thought of listening to a podcast – I will have to try that!

    2. Cassie

      I love my Yeti rambler! One suggestion I would make is to buy the $10 lid with straw. I drink much more water when I use a straw. I’m thinking that gum would come in handy on mornings I’m running late. I had no idea such a thing existed!

    3. Monica

      I’m guilty, one of my resolutions is to diet and get fit. I’m headed to the gym for the first time in ages this morning – I’ve put it off long enough. I need to find that gum! That would help me push through. The first few weeks aren’t going to be pretty.

    4. Olivia

      I prefer working out after work, which can be hard when I am tired. I go to work at 6:30 so I can leave by 3pm leaving me a lot of time to work out, cook, wind down. I definitely need to work on hydration because I notice such a difference when I am on top of it

    5. Trish

      Great list and perfect timing, as I am trying to work out more in the New Year! The caffeine gum is such a great idea. I had not heard of it before your post!

    6. Liz

      I do love listening to podcasts on a long run! They’re such a great distraction and if it’s a good episode I get sucked into the story and completely lose track of time and the next thing I know my miles are done!

    7. Crystal

      Life doesn’t happen without caffeine. Need to nab some Alert gum to match with my gallons and gallons of water.

    8. Rosey

      My first to hear of it. I remember someone saying they had caffeinated water and liked it. I never saw it in stores though.

    9. CourtneyLynne

      What?!?! Caffeinated gum?!?! Iā€™m going to have to check this out!! Sounds like one huge game changer to me!


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