1.8.21 5

RMS Beauty Review

When I did my all clean makeup routine several months ago I mentioned some RMS Beauty products that I use a lot. I have had a few people ask me questions about RMS Beauty so I wanted to do a…

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1.4.21 12

January 2021 Goals

Happy 2021 friends! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I really enjoyed taking 2 weeks off to spend time with my family. I got to be super present and it was just wonderful. As always…

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12.21.20 10

2021 Goals + 2020 Reflections

Well friends, this is my last post for the year. After today there will be no new blog posts until January 4th! I have done this the past few years and honestly it’s a great refresh and allows me to…

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Weekend Reading Vol. 95

It’s the freakin weekend! OK, for me or any parents that doesn’t really mean much haha. But, it’s the last weekend before Christmas! I hope you all have fun plans! We may go look at Christmas lights and I am…

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12.17.20 8

6 Things I’m Loving Right Now

In the midst of all the gift guides and holiday posts I really wanted to share 6 things I’m loving right now! I included a couple of TV shows you get you through the holidays with some binge-watching as well…

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