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10 Ways To Be More Positive

Inspire · Life · January 16, 2018

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I feel like being negative is a really easy choice in life. You read something bad about yourself, you have something go wrong, you just feel meh? Sound familiar? These things happen to us daily. But we can be more positive. Today I am sharing 10 ways to be more positive in case you come across a bad day.

10 Ways To Be More Positive

  1. Think about other people: So when I am down I call my mom. Duh. She likes to remind me how bad other people have it. The blessings in my life. Why my “problems” aren’t as big as I am making them out to be. Yes my mom is crazy supportive but she also likes to set me straight about how good I have it.
  2. Change your scenery: Sometimes you need to change it up. Go for a drive to clear your head, go sit at a park and read, go walk around the mall and window shop.
  3. Make a list of happy: I recently got the book, 52 Lists For Happiness. I loved the 52 lists book and this is a great reminder to make a happy list. You could also just write a list of 10-20 happy things!
  4. Do something for YOU: Do a face mask, get a mani pedi, buy yourself a treat! Cheer yourself up!
  5. Work Out: Working out always makes me a happier and more positive person! I feel like Elle Woods knew what she was talking about 🙂
  6. Read: An article, a book, the bible (if that’s your jam), whatever can make you more positive! I have a ton of book suggestions here!
  7. Cook: Something healthy! Make a green smoothie, make a yummy salad, try a new recipe!
  8. Head Outside: I mentioned before about changing your scenery, but you guys it can be so depressing and easy to be negative being stuck inside! So go outside, get some fresh air!
  9. Meditate: I have been using the Headspace app on my phone to practice meditation. I end up doing it at different times daily because I really just don’t have the same consistent time every day. I feel like it really helps my mood a lot.
  10. Make a praise folder on your computer: When I get a praise from a brand I work with, other bloggers, friends, family members, etc I add it to a folder on Google Drive. I go read them when I am feeling negative to remind myself that some stranger’s opinion of me doesn’t matter and that their negative opinion is wrong!

I would love to know your thoughts and what you would add to this list!

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  • 40 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be More Positive

    1. Claire

      I have “The Happiness Project” on my to-read list. The two that are probably most effective and often most difficult are working out and going outside. I have to remind myself, especially in winter, to get out and soak up some Vitamin D.

    2. Joleisa

      The thing I always do to cheer myself up is to count my blessings! What I do is to create a bucket list of all the things that I already have/got to do etc. It’s humbling to see how already blessed you are. Also, when I do things for others, I end up feeling better.

    3. Katie

      These are all great ideas and meditation and working out are definitely two of my favorite ways. Also, taking a nap. I’ve never been much of a nap person but I have learned that sometimes, that is exactly what I need.

    4. Amanda

      This is a great list. I definitely try to do the first one. Since I live full time in an Airstream and travel with the agreeable weather (mostly) I try to always think about the people who live in stationary homes and are stuck with whatever weather they are dealt. That usually changes my tune pretty quickly, especially right now! I’m in Southern California on the boarder of Arizona and Mexico, while my family is in Michigan. I run outside in the beautiful sunshine everyday and they are freezing with negative temperatures getting buried in snow… sorry fam lol


    5. Jenn

      I LOVE your ideas! I just most of them to stay in a better head space. My favorites are to cook or workout, they seem to work best for me.

    6. Maggie

      I think exercise and being outside helps me restart. It gives me a chance to remember the good things in my life, and be thankful for what I have. Great tips!

    7. Brandy

      Loving this list of ways to be more positive. It really isn’t easy to be honest, it took me about 3 years to truly master the art of learning how to be more positive but now it’s regular for me (for the most part). I hope that this list helps others so much!

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      These are all great pieces of advice to help us stay positive despite all these things going on around us. I go to the mall almost every week, not to buy anything but just to have a change of environment. I spend like two or three hours just window shopping and buying myself a sweet treat. Watching a silly comedy series or movie works wonders in uplifting my mood too.

    9. Arin

      I love this! I have been working HARD on this this year. One thing I have been doing is using a gratitude journal, similar to the praise folder. I feel like remembering what you’re grateful for keeps you much more positive.

    10. Nichole

      I love these tips. Personally, I have started jogging every other day and meditating. This definitely helps me keep an open and positive mind throughout the day.

    11. Jaz

      Elle Woods totally had a point with that line! I use the Headspace app and I’m loving it. That coupled with the breathing app on my Apple Watch have definitely me in my “whoosah” moments.

    12. CourtneyLynne

      Oooo great list!!! They say positive mind, positive life!!! Good to try and stay focused on all things positive.

    13. Brooklyn | La Ti Do

      Changing my scenery/going for a walking always brightens my mood, as do reading and working out! Working out first thing in the morning always starts my day off right. 😉
      <3 Brooklyn |

    14. Marius

      Excellent suggestions. I really like the idea of a praise folder as well as surrounding yourself with positive people like your Mom. To get the most benefit from exercise, I guess the morning is best which is great because that is easier to fit into my schedule!


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