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19 Ideas For Healthy Living

Living a healthy life is very important to not only me but my family. I think healthy living is pretty subjective depending on your goals, lifestyle, etc. But I wanted to share 19 ideas for healthy living that we try to do or at least I try to do to really have health and wellness a huge focus in our house.

19 Ideas For Healthy Living

  1. Daily green smoothies/juices: I have had a green smoothie or juice every day for almost 12 years and trust me it makes a huge difference.
  2. Family walks or walks alone/with friends: I love to go on walks alone, with my family, or even with girlfriends. Nothing quite like chatting away or listening to a podcast while getting exercise.
  3. Group fitness classes: A great option of community mixed with working out
  4. Turning off all screens one hour before bed: This is something I am awful at but would love to be better about, I do read before bed but on my tablet.
  5. Daily time to read: This is one of the biggest things I think is important for health. Having time to immerse yourself in a story is truly wonderful.
  6. Meditation: I used to be much better about mediation but I really love the Peloton meditations.
  7. Trying a new workout: One of my favorite things to do is try a new workout. Recently I tried Jazzercise and LOVED it!
  8. Meal planning: When we are good about this I feel like we eat much healthier and spend way less money.
  9. Eat WHOLE foods: I mean good, whole ingredients. Things that are good for you, with words on labels you can understand.
  10. Taking vitamins daily: So important for your overall health and immunity. Also, add something like SEED into your daily vitamins as well!
  11. Prioritizing sleep: I love my sleep and I am much better as a mom, wife, and at my job when I am rested. I make a point to get in bed by 9 or earlier and be asleep by 9:30 when I can. My kids are early risers!
  12. Cooking with your kids: A great way to teach them about food, ingredients, and what we are putting in our bodies.
  13. Have screen-free time in your home: We are trying to do more crafts and have more outside play to reduce screens.
  14. Up your water intake: Something I also need to be better about but I do carry around a massive water bottle wherever I go.
  15. Get fresh air daily: Getting outside is good for everyone! If it’s not 20 degrees or downpouring we are outside at least once a day.
  16. Try yoga: It’s great for your body and mind!
  17. Change out your makeup/skincare products: Switch to clean products wherever you can!
  18. Look at ingredients labels: I started following an Instagram account that shares more about labels on common food products and it’s really opened my mind!
  19. Have a clean space: Clean space, clean mind, and everyone is happier!

What are some ideas for healthy living you have??

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  1. Bill wrote:

    These are all great ideas. I’m not getting any younger, and I think it’s time I started taking better care of myself.

    Published 1.13.22
  2. Great ideas! trying a new workout is a good idea and I will try it since I’m doing it. Thank you for sharing!

    Published 1.14.22
  3. We all need a solid eight-hour sleep and meditation.

    Published 1.14.22
  4. This is a great list! I do most of these and am blessed with a family that all has great health. Thank you for sharing!

    Published 1.14.22
  5. These are indeed great ideas to eat healthily and be healthy. Thanks for sharing all the useful tips.

    Published 1.15.22
  6. Cooking is such a good idea! Especially if it is a healthy one! I agree with these ideas.

    Published 1.18.22