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How To Spruce Up Old Blog Posts

Blogging · December 28, 2016

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I know for me looking back on posts from even two years ago sometimes is embarrassing! Have you ever gone back to one of your early posts and just cringed? The first thing some people think of is just to delete them. How about instead I show you how to spruce up old blog posts?


How To Spruce Up Old Blog Posts

Fix SEO: I never knew what SEO was until about 3 years ago. So those first 4 years of blog posts have zero SEO. That’t not great! I don’t fix SEO for every single post as I had a lot of link ups and weekend wrap up type posts my first few years of blogging. However, I do fix SEO for other posts. This is not something that can be done in a day but every few days I will tackle a few posts and spruce them up with pretty SEO!

Add A New Image: Oh lord the images of 2009-2013. Small, grainy, BlackBerry images. Not OK! Every single post should have a pinable image. I have talked about this before. The pinable image should ALWAYS be vertical. This is another thing you can do gradually to spruce up old blog posts.

Edit: I know that I am not always the best with grammar. I find that when you are writing yourself you don’t see the mistakes. Sometimes going back a day or two later or rereading you will see lots of mistakes you made. Something I am slowly working on is going back to old posts and editing for spelling and grammar. We all make mistakes. Now is the time to fix them.

Add to it: Sometimes when we write posts we don’t include all the info we could. I am so guilty of this. It’s not on purpose but we can always add to things. So when you go back to edit and add images you may find more information you can add to the post. This is even more important for evergreen content because it will always be relevant. This is also a good chance to add or change a category and make sure all the appropriate tags are in place.

Sprucing up old blog posts is something that is always a good idea. The worst thing you can do is find that a post doesn’t need a lot of work but usually we can always find a way to improve it.

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Have you ever spruced up an old post?

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  • 37 thoughts on “How To Spruce Up Old Blog Posts

    1. Divine @Ladies Make Money

      Yes I do this all the time, especially with spelling mistakes or broken links. Thanks for sharing. I do agree, don’t delete the posts. Last week I updated 3 of my posts that are doing well on Pinterest, but they did not have proper SEO. I am cried thinking what??? Why did I not catch that? But they are all fixed now.

      Divine I Ladies Make Money Online

    2. Chrissy

      These are really great tips! I started a new blog in 2014 after blogging for well over 5 years, I bet those old archives hold some posts that could use some sprucing up.

    3. Jamie Beckham

      Love all of these ideas! I really need to sit down, and dedicate a few hours to implement all of these ideas into a few old posts!
      I think fixing around SEO and adding a new image would be so beneficial!

      xx, Jamie

    4. Christina @ Hugs and Lattes

      This is such a good encouragement to get in there & fix those blog posts! I just find this task to be SO daunting. Like maybe if I had a week off of work. I’ve just gradually turned all my older blog posts to “drafts” in hopes that one day I will spruce them up. . .

    5. Jennifer Siegler

      Thanks for the tips. I think I will start with updating photos or adding new ones to old blog posts. It would be fun to read and re-read those posts from way back when I started my blog! I will do one blog post at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed.

    6. Jackie

      I have definitely looked back at old posts and cringed. You have inspired me to do a bit of end-of-year blog cleaning so I’m going to do that right now. Thank you!

    7. Karen Grosz

      As I write new blog posts and realize I can refer back to an old post, I always go back and redo, spruce up the old post before I link to it. It is slow, but at least I am making progress on making those old posts look and sound great.

    8. Divya @ Eat Teach Blog

      There are definitely some cringe-worthy posts I’ve stumbled upon randomly! I used to filter the crap out of all my pictures so the final product would be SO BLURRY. I don’t understand what my deal was. But, I think you’re right. I’d love to re-do some of those!

    9. Gina

      I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks doing this. And yes, I was embarrassed to look back at some of them. But, it helps me to see the progress I have made.

    10. Leanna

      Thanks for the amazing suggestions! A goal of mine for 2017 is to go through all of my old posts and spruce them up a bit and this has definitely helped!

    11. DogVills

      What a brilliant tips! Fixing SEO is the best I should fix my SEO from my old blog post and adding new images would be perfect.

    12. Michele

      There have been times when I wrote a book review–then suddenly–the author wants to do a giveaway a year or two down the road. I do add and subtract. Although I am pretty good with grammar and spelling–for some reason when I’m typing up a post–well you know what happens. I generally go over a post several times and still miss something!!

    13. adriana

      These are such great tips! One of my main goals for January is to go through super old posts and fix them up. I fixed a few this year and it really made a difference so I’m excited to spruce up other old posts!

    14. Hannah

      This was great!! I’ve been thinking of going back to fix some of my earlier posts and this definitely helps. The biggest thing from my earlier posts is that I hadn’t quite found my style yet! And no pinnable images!

    15. Lexi

      Sprucing up old posts is high on my list. My posts at the beginning are horrible because I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I really liked your tips!

    16. Elizabeth O

      I do that all the time with old posts. It helps to freshensure them up and repurpose the information in a new way.

    17. Farrah

      Forreals, I used to treat my blog as an online journal so this very much an ongoing project for me that I hope to…someday…finish! Great tips! :]


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