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Summer Workout Wear

Fashion · Fitness and Health · May 19, 2017

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My love of workout clothes is not limited to summer, but summer workout wear can be some of the cutest. Maybe it’s the bright colors, or the fact that shorts are acceptable again. Or maybe it’s the outside workout options available. Whatever the case may be, my favorite summer workout wear is below!

Summer Workout Wear

Tops: When it comes to sports bras, I have 2 that are my go to. From Lululemon the Energy Bra and the Free To Be bra. They are so comfortable and I love the strappy details which look really cute under tank tops. I always size up for a bit of a looser fit. Just a preference. I have a TON of the cool racerback tanks from Lululemon. They are the perfect top for the gym, barre, yoga etc. They come in tons of colors and aren’t super tight or super loose. If you do like a looser fitting tank I suggest grabbing the yogi racerback. It also has a cute little pocket detail. I have a few of these and LOVE them. Some of my favorite workout tees are from Suburban Riot. I have the Happy Camper tee and the Kale tee. I also have the Kale sweatshirt. It is SO comfy! Everything they sell is ridiculous comfortable and perfect for walks, runs, and gym workouts. I think Target has a great selection of workout tanks and tees too. I always prefer buying in store because I tend to find more stuff than online.

Bottoms: As far as workout shorts go in the summer I am usually either wearing Nike Tempo shorts or one of two styles of shorts from Lululemon. The Run times short and the tracker short are my favs. I love that they are a little longer than other shorts and have a really thick waistband so they don’t dig in. I have a pair of black tracker shorts that I have had for going on 5 years and they still look brand new. I only wear workout leggings if I am going to barre or yoga, and recently splurged on Alo Moto Leggings because in the cooler months these would be so cute too!

Accessories: My go to shoes for working out are Nike Roshe or Nike Flyknit! They are SO stinkin cute and great for gym days. For socks I have sung the praises of the Lululemon socks a billion times on this blog and I keep buying them. They are amazing and I have turned so many people onto them. The fly away tamer from Lululemon is a great headband. I have thick hair and it stays in place and keeps my hair out of my face. I do think they stretch a bit over time though.

What is your go to summer workout wear?

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  • 27 thoughts on “Summer Workout Wear

    1. Amanda

      Those shoes though! !!!!! I totally agree about wearing Nike Tempo shorts. I love mine! Love this list! May just have to invest in those cute shoes! 🙂

    2. Divya

      I stick to my capris when I’m working out – even in the summer! Mainly because I’ve got nice, chunky legs and the shorts ride up and it’s so frustrating when you’re trying to get in a good workout and also trying to pull your shorts down, hahahahaah! Love that Kale shirt!

    3. Catherine Sargent

      These all look like great options. I could use a new pair of sneakers for all the walking I plan on doing with my new exercise program.

    4. Brandy

      This is a great idea to wear workout gear that is comfortable when exercising. I love how far workout fashion has come, I used to just work out in a tank and shorts that I would never want someone to see me in, now these options? Make me want to work out and show the world!

    5. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I love a good sports bra. Not that I engage in sports, haha. I just like the comfy feel and the support it provides. Better than the high end branded kinds that are all lace, and does nothing but make me itch. Love those shorts and tank tops. Great picks here! Thanks for sharing the links so I can purchase them soon.

    6. Elizabeth Johnson

      The blue sports bra and blue shorts are super cute! I usually opt for leggings of some sort. Keeps every contained. Haha! Aside from leggings, comfy shirt, and shoes I always bring a sweat towel. I sweat a lot when I work out and it is a must!

    7. Alexis

      I live in workout gear all summer long, well all year long. I love throwing on cute running shorts and a tank on warm summer days.

    8. Marina

      Anything yoga! I love Lululemon—the compression makes me feel more fit, and accentuate my curves nicely. And i love their strappy sports bras.


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