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Sunday Social

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Hey Guys Happy Sunday Social Day!!!


You know the drill, answer the questions, grab our button for your post and have some Sunday Social fun!

This Weeks Questions:

1. What was your college major? Did you ever change majors? I started with Journalism, then I switched to Business/Marketing which is what I double majored in. I minored in Econ and Art History.

2. Best purchase you’ve made lately? Oh probably my new Tory Burch leopard flats
shopping (1)

3. Something silly we don’t know about you and go… I sing while I clean if Im alone

4. Favorite Holiday? July 4th!!!


5. The first thing you do when you wake up? aside from open my eyes and see if Andrew is up, I check my phone.

Next Weeks Questions:

1. Favorite Genre of Music?
2. Favorite Genre of movies?
3. Do you watch Reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching
4. Actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
5. Actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?

Come link up with us and make some new friends! Sunday Social is a great way to find new blogs! Encourage your friends to come get Social too!!

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  1. Heather wrote:

    Those shoes are so cute! I love the 4th of July too!

    Published 6.29.14
  2. Leah wrote:

    Cute flats!
    I also check my phone first thing in the morning. 🙂

    Published 6.29.14
  3. I love those flats! My favorite purchase of late is not so fashionable. I’m a fellow Ar History minor, too! Happy Sunday!

    Published 6.29.14
  4. Coral wrote:

    That gif tho… bahhh hahaha

    Published 6.29.14
  5. Daisy wrote:

    Cuuuuuuute shoes!!!!!

    Published 6.29.14
  6. Natalie wrote:

    I switched my majors a couple of times too. In the end, it’s worth it because when you find something that you really like, you’re way more passionate about it. Cute flats!

    Published 6.29.14
  7. Akaleistar wrote:

    Those shoes are cute!

    Published 6.29.14