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Tips For Travel With A 6 Month Old

Baby/Parenting · Travel · September 20, 2017

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Liam just successfully went on his first week-long trip on an airplane and staying in a hotel. Before that we had been on a 4 hour car trip with him and a trip to the lake. During these trips I have learned some do’s and don’ts, as well as tips for keeping yourself sane and the baby happy. So these are my best tips for travel with a 6 month old. Honestly they would work with a baby of any age.

Tips For Travel With A 6 Month Old

Tip 1: Sound Machine: Our hotel room in Chicago was super small. Since we are used to us having our room and Liam having his own we were worried about noises. We didn’t want to go to sleep at 7. We packed his sound machine and it does the trick! He takes 3 naps a day still (2 long, 1 catnap) plus sleeping for 12 hours at night. We needed him on schedule (more on that later). Once he goes down we still have some lights and the TV on and it doesn’t bother him at all. Plus my alarm went off at 5 every morning to work out before he and Andrew got up and that didn’t wake him either!

Tip 2: Distractions: For the plane or car rides. We gave Liam his favorite toys (sophie and lambie) as well as a few new to him toys (really things he hasn’t played with in a month or so). He was busy the entire wait at the airport and then slept on the flight after I fed him. Distractions are key! For older kids this may mean an iPad or tablet. Liam isn’t quite ready for those yet.

Tip 3: Schedules: Stick to a schedule as much as possible! When traveling we keep Liam’s schedule and routine exactly the same. Different place but same routine. We do his same bedtime routine, same nap times, etc. This may also mean booking your flights during times that are optimal for the baby. We booked our flights during nap time! WORKED SO GREAT!

Tip 4: Pack The Essentials: The 3 things I suggest are an inflatable bathtub, the BabyBjorn travel crib, and the Doona stroller. These 3 are saviors for us. The duck bath works great for bath time and honestly also what we put Liam in to feed him! He’s kind of a messy eater. The BabyBjorn travel crib was AWESOME and so lightweight. Plus it has a carrying case you can check! The Doona stroller is what we use whenever we travel. It saves room, Plus you can take it on a flight with you. You aren’t worried about both a stroller and a car seat because it’s all in one! Other than that we packed the sound machine, his daily essentials (clothes, toys, bibs, diapers, food, etc). But all the toys we packed were his smaller ones so we managed to fit everything into a smaller checked suitcase.

Tip 5: Give Yourself A Break. Flights get delayed, traffic happens, and babies cry. Don’t worry about other people. As long as your child(ren) is/are happy and safe that’s all that matters. Don’t worry about the strangers staring if they have a meltdown. Don’t worry about the diaper change you have to do right as the flight takes off. Just do one thing at a time and stay calm!

I feel like these tips for travel with a 6 month old would really work well for any baby newborn to probably 2!

What tips would you add?

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  • 25 thoughts on “Tips For Travel With A 6 Month Old

    1. Aileen

      Keep your expectations low! We travelled from Scotland to the Carribean in June with our very nearly 5 year old. This involved getting up at 3am to be at the airport for 4. Flying to Amsterdam (1 hour flight), getting across Schipol Airport and then getting on a plane to Curacao that was about 9 hours long. I was dreading it but figured if we got to the other side and none of us had killed each other then it was a success. Since my expectations were so low, the flight ended up being fine and vaguely fun. I had packed lots of things for Amy (colouring in books, games etc) but all she “played” with was her tablet and she watched the movies on the plane. Coming back was even better as it was a night flight. She had her dinner and then at 8, I took her to the toilet, wiped her down, changed her into jammies and made her sleep. She ended up sleeping until just before we landed so she got about 6 hours of sleep! Other things I would say to pack (but this is for slightly older kids) would be wipes, antibacterial hand gel, sachets of calpol (as if Amy gets really tired, she gets a very high temperature. Giving her the medicine would help take the temp down and in turn help her sleep) and a change of clothes as Amy was desperate for a change of clothes halfway through!

    2. christine

      Traveling w/ a 6 month old is like a roll of the dice. You are brave. When my kids were that young we didn’t fly w/ them but we took some car trips. I tried to schedule the trips w/ nap time but gosh darn it, they never napped and one of them used to just scream THE WHOLE DRIVE.

    3. cara

      Traveling with babies can be a challenge but honestly I think the biggest thing is not worrying about other people around you. I used to be so embarrassed at first when my babies would cry in public, like everyone around me was judging me in this negative way, but eventually I got over it and didn’t worry about what others thought. Things went much more smoothly after that.

    4. Mia

      Yessss! My kids are older now, but when they were 6 mos old, I always felt so discombobulated when we had to travel. This is such great advice!

    5. Liz

      Great tips! Especially the part about giving yourself a break. I always feel bad for parents who look like they’re really embarrassed or worried, like they can magically get their baby to stop crying on a plane. If they’re near me I usually try to tell them not to worry about it. I once flew all the way back from Italy to NYC sitting right behind a mom with a baby who cried non-stop and you know what? That’s what headphones and naps are for 🙂

    6. Pam

      I remember taking my kids on the plane with me when they were just 3 months old and it was stressful. Being prepared is the most important thing you can do. Things will never be perfect or go without issues, but if you are prepared you will at least have the upper-hand. Great tips. Love the sound machine tip.

    7. Alicia

      I’ve not flown since having my kids, but these are great tips for those who will be. We traveled driving wise 6 hours 1 way when our now 2 yr old was 5 weeks old to amusement park and railroad, and when our youngest who is 5 1/2 months old was 3 1/2 – 4 months old. It was tough at times, but doable.

    8. Hanna

      Yes to ALL this girl!!!!! I’ve flown and driven cross country multiple times with my children (who are both 4 and under) and I always tell people exactly what you said, PACK THE MINIMUM. There is NO need to make things harder then they have to be.

    9. Erica Schwarz

      My babies are 6 and 14, but I remember traveling with them when they were young. One thing I learned is that the first night away is always tremendously difficult because babies will react to the change of environment and my daughter’s coping mechanism was always to just Not Sleep. Another thing is that no matter the chaos were were experiencing, I have always found people to be so understanding because 9 of 10 have been there themselves.

    10. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Great tips! I like the idea of bringing the sound machine with you. That was a smart idea. I don’t have small kids anymore, but it is my husband who has difficulty sleeping. Next time we travel, I will have to take our sound machine with us too. Glad that we got the compact, portable model.

    11. Amber Battishill

      Oh goodness, traveling with kids can be so much work at time, but you shared some great tips! I love sharing the experiences with my kids but traveling by myself seems like such a treat now. LOL

    12. Patricia

      That frit plane ride is so nerve-wracking!!! I found this age to be ok as nursing was my number one calming method but as they get older and more wiggly it’s more of a challenge!


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