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Toddler Travel Tips

Baby/Parenting · September 17, 2018

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We have done quite a bit of traveling with Liam. The first time was a road trip at around 10 weeks. Then a flight around 5 months. We have done a few other flights with him and tons of car trips. I feel like I have a lot to share as far as travel tips with a toddler and how to make it a lot easier.

Toddler Travel Tips

Plan Ahead: A fail to plan is a plan to fail. Especially with kids! Toddlers are insane and they require a TON of stuff! The more you plan the more prepared and less stressed you will feel. Make packing lists, check weather, go over everything twice.

Figure Out The Airport/Road Trip Stops: Look ahead at the airport. What food options are there, what is their average security line time, where can you park, etc. For road trips map out where you can stop where it’s safe, clean, etc.

Pack More Food Than You Think: When we took Liam to New York in April we thought we had enough food for the flight, car rides, etc. We were wrong. I had an inkling to buy a huge fruit cup at the airport and I am so glad I did. He went through all the snacks pretty fast and that was the only thing keeping him calm and from wanting to run all over the plane. I suggest bringing twice as many as you think. Think about delays, and bad weather, etc. If you are stuck on a plane or in an airport you want to have control over the food your child is eating.

Stock Up At The Dollar Spot: I always hit up Target before a car trip or flight and go through the dollar section to see what kinds of toys I can find. “New” toys are always a hit on trips and keep them busy for hours.

Don’t Feel Bad If You Bust Out The Tablet: Listen, I would love to say I am one of those parents who NEEEEEVVVVER let’s their kid watch TV. That would be a full on lie. We try to limit it during the day at home, but on trips it’s survival mode. If that keeps him happy that’s what we do.

Time It Around Naps/Food: We try to plan all flights and car trips around food times and nap times. Liam is not so much one to nap outside of his crib. But he is usually not fussy. He loves to look out of the window on flights and in the car and point out things he sees.

Less Is More…. Aside From Food: You don’t need to bring ALL the toys and clothes. I usually try to see if we can do laundry wherever we are going if we can’t I try to not over do it. I want to be prepared but not excessive. Also with toys, just bring a few of their favorites. We took TONS of toys to NYC and he was way more into exploring the hotel room.

Do you have any toddler travel tips to share?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Toddler Travel Tips

    1. Tiffany

      GReat tips! We haven’t traveled with our girls, although I’d like to say we have we just haven’t been able to do so. But, I may be taking my oldest daughter (she’s 5) to Florida in November for her first flight! These tips are great, thank you!

    2. Maria

      Leaving on plane tomorrow. My daughter doesn’t watch much T.V. so we hook her up on a plane with a lot of Daniel Tiger. I also bring way more food than I think is necessary. Great tips!

    3. Penny Christensen

      I wholeheartedly second the Less is More outlook. And if I really need it I will just buy it anyway, so I don’t even stress about it, I’d rather only have it when I need it – I even try to donate before we leave to a relative or shelter.

    4. Tallary

      These are good suggestions! My only suggestion is that if you’re taking a road trip with little ones to get out often. Stop at a mall and walk the length of it or find something fun to do that isn’t too far out of the way.

    5. Melanie Payne

      I traveled across country twice with my son on a place and we found the best things were the smallest that kept him busy! Dollar tree stuff was the best! And so was music, these are really great tips!


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