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3 Ways To Stay On Track With Health Goals

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · September 18, 2018

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When I had Liam, I had a LOT of weight to lose. Not just that, I had a whole new lifestyle I needed. During my pregnancy, even though I worked out, I was eating kind of terrible, just going way above and beyond the correct portions. So, it wasn’t just that I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to change my lifestyle long-term. Today I want to share 3 ways to stay on track with health goals. So, once you hit the goals you don’t veer away.

3 Ways To Stay On Track With Health Goals

Don’t Go Crazy Once You Hit The Goal: Once you hit that number or fit in those jeans it can be easy to say “oh heck” and grab the cookies or take a week off the gym. But don’t do that! Sure, you can maybe relax a LITTLE on the food or take a day or two off here and there, but remember, you changed your lifestyle so try to just keep up what you were doing and maintain.

Try Something New: Like calocurb. I wanted to try calocurb and see what it was like because I am SUCH a snacker and it’s just something I need help with! calocurb is 100% plant-based, vegan supplement that helps curb your appetite. For me, it’s really helped with grazing and snacking throughout the day. I eat my 3 meals and a healthy snack here and there, by taking calocurb after lunch I have noticed that I don’t feel the need to have 7 snacks before dinner. That’s an actual number of snacks I had one day recently! Some benefits:

  • Makes you less hungry
  • Makes you not think about food
  • Makes it easier to say no to snacks and large portions
  • Puts you in control of your appetite
  • Works in an hour
  • Weight management results – it helps you lose weight or maintain your weight despite indulging

So, this is the perfect complement to anything you are already doing!

Find out more about calocurb and save 15% with the code “itallstarts15”

Have an accountability partner: For me that would be Andrew! He is so great about reminding me of my long-term goals but also encouraging me to indulge every now and then when I should! He really is the best. Have I had a super active day? Have a yummy cookie! Have I been indulging too much? He asks if I have taken a calocub that day or encourages us to go on a walk. A friend that you can work out with is great too!

What do you do to stay on track with health goals?

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  • 9 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay On Track With Health Goals

    1. Kacie

      Wow I’ve never heard of this but I’m definitely intrigued! I’ve gotten into the bad habit of snacking a bunch at work this year, so this may be perfect.

      Xo, Kacie |

    2. Cristina Alciati

      The truth is once you reach your size goal in order to maintain your new figure you have to workout harder than you did to get there because your metabolism adapts and tries to take you back to what it thinks it’s your default state. It’s very hard to change that “default state” but not impossible. Well done on getting there and that product sounds very useful for those who struggle with their hunger hormone!


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