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Twitter Moments

Social Media · Sponsored Post · December 16, 2015

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I have always been a huge college football fan. My dad and mom are both football nuts so I guess it rubbed off on me. Since getting older I have gotten really into rivalry weekend. It’s such a fun weekend usually at the end of November where a lot of the big school/conference rivalries play each other. My personal favorites to watch are Ohio State/Michigan and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. There are about 10-12 worth watching though and all weekend our TV is on the games. A more recent one would be Baylor and TCU. This year a lot of these rivalries are more fun because of the playoff implications they each have. A fun way to follow along is with Twitter’s new feature- Moments

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Have you heard of Twitter Moments? Twitter Moments is a new feature within Twitter. It is a set of Tweets that are chosen to represent that topics’ content on Twitter. These “moments” will be enough to represent news, sports, TV shows, trends, memes, concert and other topics/events. IE College football games! They are a visual “guide” that you can follow along with on a variety of topics.

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The Saturday of rivalry weekend Andrew and I were so busy with errands that I really didn’t get to fully watch a lot of the early in the day games. I was so happy to be able to follow along on my phone. Then when we got home and Andrew was watching something I could follow along on my laptop with the Twitter Moments tab on Twitter. The great part about Twitter Moments is that it is easily accessible and easy to navigate on both your phone and computer. Even your iPad!

Twitter Moments is also a great tool for world events going on. Recently with the horrible attacks on Paris I was able to see real time information from Twitter and a variety of news sources. You do not always get the information in a timely fashion on TV so being able to find it on social media is very helpful.

I encourage you to give Twitter Moments a try by logging in and going to the Moments tab and then seeing what moments are there to follow. You can really find so much in a condensed space. I have been using it a ton and I would love to know what you find useful about Twitter Moments.

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    1. Eryn

      I haven’t dabbled with Moments yet, but I’ve heard really great things about it! I think I’ll have to check it out a bit more in the coming weeks.

      Great post!


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