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Ultimate Luxury Wish List

Fashion · February 22, 2019

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So this is a very different post. I have done wish lists for birthdays or holidays but this is a wish list of items I will probably NEVER own, but if money was no issue this would be my ultimate luxury wish list.

Ultimate Luxury Wish List

I love a good bag. Honestly if I am going to spend money on anything its going to be bags. This Saint Laurent shopping tote has been on my list for a while and I don’t consider it completely unreasonable just not in my near future. A black tote never goes out of style.

This next bag I will probably never own. It is the Hermes Evelyne Crossbody and while I love it, to spend that much on a bag just isn’t going to happen. But goodness it’s gorgeous!

If I needed a new wallet I would want this Chloe wallet. I have a Chloe bag that was a birthday gift/anniversary gift a few years ago but this wallet is perfect.

Texas doesn’t get cold enough for me to ever need a Canada Goose jacket but I love the style of them!

These black scalloped Chloe flats are probably the most reasonable shoes I Have on this list and if I was to ever spend a ton of money on shoes it would be these.

I have a pair of vintage black Chanel flats I got for under $100 5 years ago. If I was to ever own another pair I would want these quilted black flats. They are simply stunning.

I feel like pretty much everyone has the Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots but I can’t spend that much on shoes I won’t wear year round. They are gorgeous though and I love the style.

I love the Golden Goose trend and this pair is super cute! I love the pink!

I would love to know an item on your ultimate luxury wish list!

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  • 12 thoughts on “Ultimate Luxury Wish List

    1. Angela Tolsma

      The Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots are something I’ve wanted for ages, but can’t justify. I won’t be able to wear them in the winter due to the amount of salt they put on the roads, that would just destroy them!

    2. Jesssie

      You’re so right, a black bag NEVER goes out of style. I hadn’t considered making a wish list of items I’d personally want, but rather trips or vacations. In which case, Australia is where my heart lies. So, maybe a plane ticket there? Ha!

    3. Sara

      I loved my Chloe flats. I wore them into the ground… Once I broke them in, the leather molded to my foot and they were cute with any and everything. They are definitely a splurge, but I found them to be worth it!

    4. Elizabeth O

      Yes, I love the items on your list too and pretty much have fulfilled all of mine. I’m a big shoe fetish gal and would always spring for those expensive shoes. They no longer pull me in so I’m happy about that… I’ll take that Hermes Crossbody bag though. Ha! 🙂


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