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A Weekend Away With HomeAway In Austin, TX

Sponsored Post · Travel · December 27, 2017

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The weekend of December 8th, Andrew, Liam, and I spent the weekend in Austin, TX. A quick 3.5 hour drive for us and an easy one at that. We had really wanted to get away for a weekend before the end of the year and Austin was the perfect choice. We wanted to take Liam to see the city and we wanted to go when it wasn’t too hot or cold. We also wanted something where we had city vibes and lake views. We got exactly that! We worked with HomeAway and stayed in an upscale condo right downtown overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Our condo had views of the lake with floor to ceiling windows in every room. So you really got the best of the both worlds!

We checked in Friday afternoon after a really easy and fun drive. Liam did awesome and Andrew and I got to chat a bit, which is rare in the car. Once we were checked in (the process was insanely easy). We unloaded the car and got a bit set up. The place had two bedrooms, one on either side of the living/dining/kitchen open area. The layout was ideal as we had Liam in the smaller room in his travel crib and us in the bigger room. Each room had insane views that we could not get over. I mean waking up to floor to ceiling windows overlooking a gorgeous lake? YES!

After we unpacked a bit we took Liam to our favorite Austin restaurant, Hula Hut. We had some delicious food and Liam enjoyed his first taste of queso! He’s a fan. Once we got back and put him to bed, we enjoyed some Trader Joe’s cookies and wine while watching Stranger Things on Netflix (we finally caught up!) Saturday was our only full day so we made the most of it. We went out to breakfast at Snooze and enjoyed some coffee and people watching. Then we took a picture at the “I love you so much” sign. Andrew and I took a pic there when we first started dating and it was fun to retake the picture with Liam in the mix!

After Liam’s first nap we went to The Domain to do a little shopping, but mostly just walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather. During Liam’s nap I relaxed on the chaise lounge in the bedroom at our HomeAway condo and read. It was so nice to have a lounge chair that looked right out onto the lake. I felt like I was on such a vacation!

After Liam’s second nap we headed across the street to Lady Bird lake for a 2 mile walk on the lake. It was perfect weather, and Liam LOVED seeing all the people, ducks, birds, and trees. He was just in awe of everything and we felt like we weren’t even in a big city! Seriously the best of both worlds being able to walk from your downtown condo to the lake in about 30 seconds.

We opted to pick up some Home Slice Pizza for dinner and finish Stranger Things before watching Home Alone! We are nothing if not crazy haha.

Sunday morning we packed up, had some breakfast and headed back to Dallas. We needed to get back to get groceries and get settled for the week ahead.

Even though it was a short trip, it was really the rejuvenation we needed. I can’t tell you how easy HomeAway makes things. There are tons of locations, the amenities you want so you can ensure your baby or child is safe, etc. If you need a pack n play you can search for that. You can find out if there are baby gates, and so much more! We had a travel crib so that wasn’t huge for us but we DID need a separate bedroom for Liam and a big open space for him to be able to play! What we love about Home Away as opposed to a hotel is the space. You really don’t feel like a tourist. You have this apartment, or house if you choose, and truly immerse yourself into the city you are in. You also have a lot more privacy! Plus if you have kids HomeAway is perfect because you can really get more space than you ever would in a hotel. You have laundry room, a dishwasher, a full kitchen, a second bedroom (or 3, 4, or 5) and tons of room for them to play! There really is no comparison in my opinion! I would much rather stay in a condo or house than in a hotel! This is the third time we have used HomeAway and it certainly won’t be the last. If you are interested in visiting Austin, TX I would for sure check out our condo or other rentals in the area.

Thank you HomeAway for partnering on this post.

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  • 14 thoughts on “A Weekend Away With HomeAway In Austin, TX

    1. Joline

      What a great mini vacation! And I like how Home Away gives you the option to stay at a house, much better than at a hotel room.

    2. Tonya

      That condo looks amazing. I love renting rental homes and condos when I travel. I travel with my dog and it makes it so much nicer having a real spot to call home. Love your views!

    3. Natalie

      Wow this condo looks so pretty!! Such a fun little getaway. I love going to Austin, it’s SO beautiful. Have you heard of the Omni Barton Creek Resort? My family went there a few years ago and LOVED it. The hill country is just amazing!!!!

      Natalie Grant
      Fashion Granted

    4. Chelsae

      The idea behind Home Away is perfect and this condo was spectacular in every way. On top of that Austin sounds like a great place to visit! Can’t wait to check out these places.

    5. Tami

      Who isn’t a fan of queso … or Austin, Texas!?! I see myself sneaking away without the kiddo, but I’m glad he was able to enjoy himself as a tag along. The room is beautiful and I hope to stay there next time I’m in Austin.


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