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4 Things I Had No Idea About Before Having A Baby

Baby/Parenting · Sponsored Post · December 28, 2017

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So when I was pregnant I read ALL THE BOOKS, all the articles, talked to all my friends with babies. Yet, when Liam was born I found out shockingly I did not know it all. WHAT!? You’re telling me when a baby is born you just don’t magically have all the answers? Well I am sharing today 4 things I had no idea about before having a baby!

4 Things I Had No Idea About Before Having A Baby

  1. Babies do not breathe out of their mouths at first: Umm yeah you need to keep that nose clean because that’s how babies breathe! I did not realize they don’t automatically breathe out of their mouths and noses like we do! So we use a nose frida and y’all get it!
  2. Babies’ skin is insanely sensitive: This may seem like an “oh duh” moment but as someone with sensitive skin I thought I had a handle on it. No, Liam has VERY VERY sensitive skin so bath time is especially important! Because daily baths can dry out a baby’s skin, we do a “water bath” every day and only do soap 3 times a week or if he really needs it. Babies do NOT need soap baths daily like adults do. We also do not do a bath more than once a day. We use Eucerin Baby Wash and Shampoo especially when we notice he is having more of a skin sensitivity. The formula gently cleanses Liam’s delicate skin and hair without drying it. Then, we always follow bath time with a baby bath massage! We use Eucerin Baby Lotion for this, as it really moisturizes his skin with a gentle, fragrance-free formula. As you know, Andrew and I both use a lot of Eucerin products so we felt very confident using them on Liam. Remember, baby’s skin loses moisture so much quicker than ours so it’s best to apply lotion right after bath time. One thing we love about bath time is how it really is our favorite bonding time with Liam. We always give him baths together and we love seeing him explore his toys, play, and learn. He loves to splash and kick and gets so excited for bath time. Plus we feel extra confident about his skin by using Eucerin baby products!
  3. Fevers on babies are not as alarming: Oh when you have a 101 fever you probably freak out, climb in bed, and declare you may be dying. Baby with a 101 fever? Nah! Most doctors will say unless its 104.9, don’t worry too much. UMMMM WHAT!? The first time I heard that I thought I was being punked. But babies tend to run warmer anyways.
  4. Gagging does NOT mean choking: So when babies are learning to eat and swallow they WILL gag. We practiced baby led weaning with Liam, so we gave him people food from the get go. He gagged A LOT at first. It was pretty alarming but now I remember he is working and figuring it out. Gagging and coughing mean he’s breathing. They have to learn!

So there you have it- 4 things I had no idea about before having a baby. I figured I would save some of you the late night pediatrician calls and Googling. Check out the below infographic from dermatologist- and pediatrician-recommended brand, Eucerin Baby with more tips for taking care of baby’s sensitive skin.

What is something you learned after having a baby?

Thank you Eucerin for partnering on this post. 

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  • 15 thoughts on “4 Things I Had No Idea About Before Having A Baby

    1. Alex

      Nose fridas are everything!!!! I didn’t know about the not breathing out of the mouth part, though?! My hubs and I are going to start trying within the next year, so this is super helpful!

    2. Erica Schwarz

      These are so true! The fever one especially. I once had an ER doc (because of course I brought my feverish first born baby right to the ER) tell me that he only worried about fevers when they are too too high or when they suddenly go away. Yikes. But teething causes fevers, so they happen all the time – I really wish daycares would get with that program.

    3. Brandy

      I wish I could remember what I had no idea about when I first became a Mom. My first born is now 15 and I swear I forgot all that I didn’t know or learned along the way back in baby and toddler years. I know my middle kiddo had major sensitive skin, that is something I won’t ever forget having to learn and deal with!

    4. Jennifer Maune

      Love these fun facts that most people don’t know until they have a baby. Those newborn days are my absolute favorite…the baths. The stuffy noses, the wandering eyes. Such a sweet time!

    5. Lesly

      The skin was an issue for my kids as well. I couldn’t even use the baby lotion (that I love so much) on their delicate skin <3 Wish I would have known about Eucerin before.

    6. Katie

      Wait, what? Babies don’t breathe out of their mouths?? And gagging is normal? I had no idea. I’m going to have to learn baby 101 before June…

    7. CourtneyLynne

      Omg the gaging/choking think was new to me too lol… I constantly thought my daughter was choking and yeah lol…. definitely not! Just something babies do


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