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Weekend Reading

Happy freezing cold Friday! The temps have dropped from the 80s to the 40s and going lower. Not going to lie I’m excited for the cold weather but also not excited to be outside at kids sports this weekend! We do have Charlotte’s birthday party Sunday but it’s inside thank goodness! But before all that fun, weekend reading.

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week both kids have been a little under the weather. Liam has an ear infection and Charlotte has had a bad cough. I have spent most of the week catching up on work, life, and Liam’s school auction stuff. Andrew took a vacation day Tuesday since the kids were off school and he’s off today. So it’s been nice to get to focus on work more.

Articles I loved this week:

This interview with Lindsay Lohan was WONDERFUL

Also this one with Jennifer Aniston 

Best books of 2022 so far

33 books coming out this month

Gift ideas for the person who has everything

Holiday budgeting tips

This review of love is blind sent me

Best cashmere brands

All the historic firsts of the midterm election

The age of social media

How to host a dinner party on a budget

Great gift ideas for dads

Things on my wish list:

Love these velvet Mary Janes

This dress is a splurge but so good

Blog posts you may have missed:

Best ways to stay healthy during the holidays

5 things to purge before the holidays

10 books I’m dying to read

What are you up to this weekend?

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