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Weekend Reading Vol. 77

Hi friends. I know this week was heavy. But honestly, they should all feel this heavy, this uncomfortable, and this dire until things are different. I have spent the better part of the last week listening, learning, and trying to be proactive. Going through my kids books and buying them more diverse books and toys. Talking to my husband about things we can do to teach our kids more and ourselves, Having uncomfortable conversations with friends and family. Honestly, I have just been trying to learn. I know I have a ways to go. Even if my entire life I have considered myself and ally, and not a racist I am FAR from perfect. I am trying my hardest, and I am open to learning and listening.

This weekend reading post is ONLY going to consist of posts and articles I have found helpful, or ones that have given me businesses I want to support more.

Weekend Reading

10 black owned skincare brands you NEED to know about

33 books featuring black heroes and characters every child should own

Why you need to stop saying all lives matter

This video from Trevor Noah really really really needs to be watched

30 things to read and do to further your anti-racist learning

Where to donate to support the black lives matter movement

My friend Rachel, who is a librarian at an elementary school made an amazing list of books with diverse characters

A resource guide for anti-racism and being an ally

How to talk to your kids about race

What you need to know about Breonna Taylors death

Diverse kids toys that make great gifts

20 books to read about white privilege


Please comment below with more resources that we can all share and look at!

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  1. Thanks for the links! Can’t wait to read them! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 6.6.20
  2. Thanks for sharing, Neely 💗

    Published 6.6.20