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Baby Items We Have Used The Most (The First 6 Months)

Baby/Parenting · June 5, 2020

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It’s hard for me to even wrap my head around the fact that Charlotte is 6 months old. When I was pregnant with her I figured “oh I have done this before and I know all the right items to have.” While there are some items that worked for both kids that are pretty standard, for the most part, anything Liam loved she hated and vise versa. There are some distinct baby items we have used the most these first 6 months that I think are absolutely worth adding to a registry!

Baby Items We Have Used The Most (The First 6 Months)

We have used a few different swaddles and sleep sacks for Charlotte. We started with the Swaddleme and Halo when she was a newborn, and then moved to sleep sacks. We absolutely LOVE the Kyte Baby sleep sacks. We have two different weights but Charlotte loves to be snuggled up so we use the 1.0 tog.

From day 1 we have used the Lovevery playmat. I love that it’s developmentally helpful for her, and it can grow with her.

I didn’t do much babywearing with Liam because he just didn’t seem to like it and I did not push. With Charlotte, I started wearing her in the K’tan at 4 weeks and still do! I also have a Lillebaby carrier but I prefer the K’tan around the house especially. The Lillebaby is great if we are out and about. As I mentioned Charlotte LOVES to be snug and especially loves to be close to me so the K’tan is her preference.

For both kids, we have used the BabyBjorn bouncer and we love love love it! They are great to have around the house and are very helpful when I need to take a shower and someone isn’t napping. Also, they fold flat easily and can be taken on a car trip.

As far as a bathtub goes Charlotte is still using this Angelcare bathtub. Its the one she has been using since she was a newborn. I love the support this bathtub gives our little peanut.

Both of my kids have a Hatch baby rest and with Liam, we didn’t start using it till closer to two and really only as an OK to wake clock. For Charlotte, we started at the beginning and are hoping she gets used to it by the time she needs to understand it. We don’t really use the sound machine feature as we use this sound machine but it does have that feature.

While Charlotte has a TON of toys her favorite seems to be this Itzy ritzy teether. That and an octopus toy my MIL got her that I cannot for the life of me find online anywhere.

I swear by Adan and Anais burpy bibs. They are super thick and absorbent and can be used as bibs or burp cloths. We always have them with us.

I will swear to everyone who asks the ONE baby item I think everyone needs is a Keekaroo peanut changer. We bought ours when I was pregnant with Liam nearly 4 years ago and it’s still in perfect condition.

In the last 2 months, Charlotte has been loving her Skiphop activity center. What I love the most is that it’s not obnoxious. I also love that it helps her stay upright after she eats. Since she has reflux she really needs to be upright for a while after eating.

There are TONS of baby items I recommend and I highly suggest checking out my baby tab because there are so many great reviews. But these are the baby items we have used the most in these first 6 months with Charlotte.



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  • 7 thoughts on “Baby Items We Have Used The Most (The First 6 Months)

    1. Stephanie

      My boys didn’t use a lot of the same things, either. My oldest hated the swing, my youngest loved it. My oldest didn’t like the babywearing, my youngest did. It’s funny how different they can be!

    2. Angela

      I remember our most used items being a bouncy seat and a Little Einsteins saucer seat. I sure miss the baby days, my kids are 11 and 14 now!!!

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Nice items and very useful. My grandson loved his playmat too. It was really helpful to keep babies entertained and learning as well. All those bright colors are very visually stimulating.

    4. chad

      These are awesome and very helpful, to be honest! Instead of buying of buying everything like my wife and I did…

    5. Elizabeth O

      Good list and one that brought back memories for me. It’s a good idea to create a list of wants and keep to it.


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