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10 Baby Gifts We Use The Most

Baby/Parenting · August 27, 2018

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I have talked about wedding gifts we use the most, so I wanted to go the other route and discuss the 10 baby gifts we use the most. Liam is a year and a half now, and while we don’t use all of these now, these are things that are or were used nonstop! This would also be helpful if you need an idea for a baby gift!

10 Baby Gifts We Use The Most

Play Mat: We actually registered for two play mats and used both! We have space upstairs and downstairs for Liam to play and I didn’t want to move them back and forth. I would 100% purchase both of these again and these are the ones I recommend to people. This one and this one.

Walker: Since he was about 10 months old Liam has loved this push walker. Not just for walking but he still loves to play with the toys on the front of it. He loves to hand me the phone and say hello.

Bath Towels: He has grown out of these but we LOVE the critter towels from Pottery Barn Kids. We were so lucky to get a few of these as baby gifts and used them for the longest time. Our boy is just crazy tall!

Books: For my shower we did books instead of cards so Liam has quite the extensive library! He loves books. I would say half the day is spent reading books. Some of his current favs are Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Any Llama Llama book, and his Dallas Cowboys ABC book.

Bedding: We received our bedding as a gift from Pottery Barn Kids and I happened to register for 4 sheets. At the advice of a friend who warned me a stomach bug would happen and I would be glad I had lots of sheets. Truth.

Baby Monitors: We have a camera in his room that is the same kind of camera we have in other parts of our home. We also use an audio monitor and we even travel with it. This monitor is fabulous and we have even given it as a baby gift!

Toy Chest: My mom gifted Liam with this toy chest from Pottery Barn Kids for Christmas a few months before he was born. I was floored at her generosity and Liam loves being able to open it himself and get a toy out he wants to play with. He also is learning to clean up and loves putting the toys back.

Rinse Cup: It seems silly but we love this rinse cup. We got it at our shower and this is used for every single bath and one I suggest every get because of how easily it pours.

DockATot: This was gifted FROM DockATot so it still counts! We never ever used this in Liam’s crib as you are not supposed to! We did however use it for lounge purposes on our couch or bed if we were right there. He even rested in it on our bathroom floor as a newborn while I would shower!

Diaper Pail: Another gift from the brand this diaper pail is the one I always tell people to get. It never makes the room smell and really contains the odors!

I have so many other items I love and use so make sure to check out my baby tab!

What are the baby gifts you used the most?

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  • 12 thoughts on “10 Baby Gifts We Use The Most

    1. Kristen

      These are so cute! I wouldn’t have thought of needing a rinse cup, so thank you for sharing that. Plus, who doesn’t love a little whale? I’m going to add it to my list now.

    2. Marcie W.

      There are so many baby products on the market, that buying a gift can be very overwhelming. I enjoy giving books since they can be treasured for years.

    3. Madison at The Weaver Fam

      I am expecting my first baby in October and I can’t wait to use the monitor! And we got SO many hooded towels it’s crazy. I really want to get a Dock-A-Tot, I have heard they are great!


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