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Here’s Why Your Toddlers Should Drink Horizon Organic Milk

Life · Sponsored Post · August 28, 2018

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

Liam turned one in February and we were told to switch to using milk in a sippy cup. I was so apprehensive since he had done formula in a bottle for a year. It’s a big change. For sure something I stressed about for MONTHS. Typical first time mom. I will say it wasn’t 100% easy but it was easier than I thought. I want to share why it was so easy and why Horizon Organic Milk is a great choice for toddlers.

Here’s Why Your Kids Should Drink Horizon Organic Milk

Here’s Why Your Toddlers Should Drink Horizon Organic Milk

Reason 1: Putting anything in your child’s body is scary. You want the best for your kids and you want to know what you are giving them is coming from a good, safe place. With all the articles out there about this food and that food being recalled it’s scary to start something new. We had used Horizon Organic Milk for ourselves for so long it was a no brainer to start Liam on that at a year. It’s NON GMO, there are no toxic persistent pesticides used when growing the organic food given to cows, no antibiotics or growth hormones are given to cows and they have healthy living conditions. All of this is really important to us as we want to know what the environment is like where the milk is coming from. We use skim milk with Liam because it is what was recommended to us by our pediatrician, but the American Associations of pediatrics recommends whole milk for toddlers ages 1-3.

Why Horizon Organic Milk is Good for Toddlers

Reason 2: Organic milk is also good for the environment. Organic rules are designed to: conserve wildlife, maintain or enhance soil & water quality, preserve the diversity of plants and animals, and encourage use of holistic and natural farming practices, such as the use of cover crops, crop rotation, and composting.

Why Horizon Organic Milk is Good for Kids

Reason 3: We want the best for our family. We strive to make sure we’re putting important vitamins and nutrients (like the ones in milk!) into our bodies, in order to stay healthy, and USDA organic isn’t a label just any brand can use. Horizon Organic Milk is a huge part of our lives! We use it not just for drinking but also in smoothies, when we cook, etc!

Cooking with Horizon Organic Milk for Kids

Cooking with Horizon Organic Milk for Toddlers

I would love to know if you are a Horizon Organic Milk drinker and what your thoughts are!

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  • 10 thoughts on “Here’s Why Your Toddlers Should Drink Horizon Organic Milk

    1. Kristin

      I’m surprised your pediatrician recommends skim milk at that age. I still use 2% because my kids are both string beans, but I try to stick to low-fat yoghurt and cheese for them as well.

      I totally agree about organic products being the best choice for many reasons!

    2. GiGi Eats

      While I don’t really advocate anyone drink dairy, if it’s 1000% necessary, I always recommend grass-fed/finished dairy and/or omega-3 enriched dairy, and Horizon fits the bill – and my husband loves this brand the best! ha!

    3. Brandy

      I love that brand! I toured one of their suppliers farms in VT one year, such a great experience to see how the cows are treated and how the milk is made!


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