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10 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

Life · November 5, 2020

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If you are new around my name is Neely and I am a Podcast addict. I am pretty much always listening to one at home, in my car, during workouts, you name it. I love True Crime, Politics, Pop Culture, Books, Business, the list goes on. I have shared TONS of Podcast recommendations but I wanted to share my favorite binge worth podcasts because sometimes you just want to binge through a bunch of episodes.

10 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

  • Dr. Death: This one intrigued me because it took place in Dallas. I knew the hospitals and areas they talked about. They are also making it into a TV show. It’s about a Dr that scammed his way through med school and getting jobs and killed tons of patients in the process. It’s fascinating and horrifying.
  • Dirty John: This was the first podcast I really binged. Then I binged the show. I feel like this is so interesting because things like this happen all the time. A woman who really wants to find love falls for the VERY MUCH wrong guy.
  • Pantsuit Politics: If you like politics this is a great one. Especially with everything going on this has been my go-to. Even their back episodes cover really interesting topics.
  • Crime Junkies: Each episode is like a story and most of the time it’s true crimes you probably haven’t heard of. The way they talk about it, tell the stories, etc you really feel like you know the people this happened to. I have found myself going to research the cases more than once.
  • True Crime Garage: Another great true-crime podcast that really delves deep into the stories. I have gone through most of their episodes. There are hundreds.
  • Real Crime Profile: One of the first true crime podcasts I started listening to. They will usually spend several episodes talking about a true crime or a documentary on true crimes and give you way more information.
  • The Oscar Should Have Gone To: I have no idea why this podcast doesn’t have a million fans. If you love movies you will LOVE this podcast. They take a year and go through all the best picture winners, they talk about other movies from that year and see if they think the Oscars went to the right film.
  • Carrie On: The Sex and the City Podcast: If you are a Sex and the City fan you will love this. Kat and Alec and their friends are HYSTERICAL in their analysis of all the SATC episodes. They haven’t finished them yet and haven’t released a new episode in over a year but sometimes they take insanely long breaks and come back. There is still PLENTY to binge.
  • How I Built This: Such a great business-minded Podcast. I love the way you can hear these success stories from the beginning. Their struggles, triumphs, and even some failures. Some of my favorite episodes are Soul Cycle, Barre 3, Daves Killer Bread, and Daymond John.
  • Gilmore Guys: This is a great one to binge because they have gone through every episode of Gilmore Girls and analyzed them. Warning: some episodes are over 2 hours long but so worth it. Great for a long drive!

I hope you found some new Podcasts to binge!

Do you have any favorite binge-worthy podcasts?

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  • 8 thoughts on “10 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

    1. GiGi Eats

      I have to admit, I have NEVER listened to a podcast before. I just have the worst ADD so I can’t really pay attention! I wanna do like 2943974 other things. at the same time!

    2. Stephanie

      I absolutely love Gilmore Guys. It’s so much fun. And they turned into the Bunhead Boys for Bunheads and the Maisel Goys when The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out. Too fun! I love how they talk all things Amy Sherman-Palladino. It makes my heart happy. I think And The Oscar Should Have Gone To sounds really great as well! Thanks for the suggestions.

    3. Amanda

      Dirty John was so good— I got my husband into it and we listened during a long drive. One of my favorites right now are Bad on Paper, if you like books you would enjoy. I need to check out Gilmore Guys!

    4. Deborah

      Ooh great list! I love Gilmore Guys and I recently started listening to True Crime Garage!
      I also really enjoy Office Ladies which is a podcast by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from The Office and they break down each episode they filmed.


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