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Holiday Bucket Lists For Families (Our Favorite Traditions)

Holiday · Life · November 12, 2019

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Well, the holidays are coming quickly! Our baby is coming in 11 days, Thanksgiving is the next week and then it’s a mad dash to Christmas and New Years. Before things get too crazy I wanted to share a holiday bucket list for families and some of our favorite traditions.

Holiday Bucket Lists For Families (Our Favorite Traditions)

  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights (we do this on the 23rd or 24th and have our specific areas we go to. We also get hot chocolate for the ride)
  • Go Ice-skating
  • Watch Christmas movies (our favorites are Home Alone, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Family Man)
  • Make monkey bread (we do this for Christmas morning)
  • Visit Santa Claus (duh of course! We do this at Northpark Mall in Dallas. The same Santa I saw growing up)
  • Get a new family ornament each year
  • Decorate for Christmas (we already did this, this year!)
  • Pancakes with Santa (one of our favorites)
  • Open one gift Christmas Eve
  • Matching Christmas Jammies pics
  • New Christmas jammies for the littles (and us)
  • The trains at Northpark (new to us this year)
  • The Polar Express in Grapevine (another new thing we are doing this year)
  • 25 Books of Christmas (we read a different Christmas book each day in December and end with The Night Before Christmas)
  • Adopting a family for Christmas
  • Take coffee cakes to friends/neighbors/special people in our life
  • See the BIG TREE at the Galleria
  • Christmas at the Arboretum

I would LOVE to know what some of your favorite holiday traditions are! Do you have a holiday bucket list?


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  • 14 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket Lists For Families (Our Favorite Traditions)

    1. Aileen Johnston

      The first weekend in December or the last one in November depending on how dates work out, Tesco (big supermarket) does a big drive for the local foodbanks. Whatever people donate, Tesco will donate another 20 or 30 percent. Every year this is our first thing we do before the madness takes over and we get too caught up in the commercialisation. My daughter (aged 7 this year) saves up some of her pocket money which normally adds up to about £50 and her Dad and I put in another £50 and we go and buy food. It makes me sad and angry in equal measures but I think my daughter needs to know that not everyone is as fortunate as her. We do other things throughout the year but this is one that is non negotiable. Other traditions are afternoon tea with Santa (we tried breakfast and realised none of us are good in the mornings), Child Friendly Mad Friday (the last Friday before Christmas is known as Mad Friday in Aberdeen and EVERYONE goes out in the town and its Mad so now I do a child friendly one in my house), walk round the neighbourhood to see some of the crazy lights, Christmas Bedding from the 1st of December and on Christmas Eve, new jammies, put out Santa treats, watch a Christmas Movie and read Twas The Night Before Christmas.

    2. Lori Bosworth

      We also do many of these holiday traditions! We drive around and look at the Christmas lights, get a new ornament for the tree every year, go skating and see the huge Christmas tree at the Toronto Christmas Market!

    3. Tina

      I love your ideas! We also make monkey bread Christmas morning, see Christmas lights, and open a gift on Christmas Eve. You have inspired me to make baked gifts for the neighbors this year, I think that will be a great new tradition for us!

    4. Stephanie

      We do a few of these as well. The preschools here always do a Breakfast with Santa so we go to the one at the school. We walk the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to look at the lights. My family has always made Christmas Sandwiches that day, too, and we still do that even when I’m not with them in Florida. We will decorate as soon as we get back from Florida for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!

    5. Christa

      Christmas pajamas are one of our favorite traditions. We also have a Christmas movie night complete with a hot chocolate bar.

    6. aisasami

      My mom and the kids would always drive around and look at Christmas lights. I don’t live with her anymore (as I live in Japan and she is lives in the US) but I miss these activities with my mom during the Christmas season.

    7. Courtney

      So many fun activities!!! We went on the polar express in grapevine last year when visiting my parents. They live in Trophy Club so we tend to do a ton of the holiday stuff in Dallas around thanksgiving/Christmas

    8. Kalyon Subbarao

      Beautiful tradition, love such traditions…have not yet planned for this Christmas….planning some surprise treat to my wife and daughter…! thanks for the post will plan soon for my family..! we do have family of something like a ritual we make lot of Christmas sweets and bake two types of cakes which normally we do not get to eat…:-) and if we get time we do get away for small get way 🙂


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