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2019 Clean Skincare Routine

Beauty · June 12, 2019

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About a month ago I went to the Follain store in Dallas. I got to meet the founder, Tara and learn all about the company, see the beautiful store, and look through all the amazing products they carry. It was a really special opportunity because Tara herself took me through my current skincare routine and we talked about my goals with my skin and what products I am using, would like to use, etc. She gave me some incredible advice about overwashing my face-something I do. She told me every few weeks to have a product free day, no serums, etc. Which I have done twice since our meeting.

2019 Clean Skincare Routine

To cleanse morning and night I have been using the Naturopathica Aloe Cleansing Gel. I love a gel cleanser personally because I feel like my face just gets cleaner. I also love that this one does a slight lather as well. My skin just feel so clean after I use it.

After cleansing I spritz the Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner on my face. I love this toner so much! It’s not too expensive in my opinion. I am a huge fan of Indie Lee products.

In the morning I use the Ursa Major brighten up vitamin c serum. I love a vitamin c serum in the morning to just wake my skin up!

For a day cream/moisturizer I am using the Josh Rosebrook nutrient day cream with SPF 30. It is SO SO SO important to have a moisturizer with SPF during the day. I love this one for the consistency and how easy it rubs in. You don’t need a ton either.

For under my eyes during the day I use the Tata Harper Illuminating eye cream. This just brightens up under my eyes and gives them a glow.

For night time I cleanse with the same cleanser, use the same toner, and then put the Vitners Daughter active botanical serum. You only need a tiny tiny drop or two and while it is pricey it lasts for MONTHS! I have been using mine over a month and it barely looks used. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin from this product especially! I feel like a lot of the dullness I was experiencing is fading.

Then for my night serum I use the Naturopathica Vitamin C15 wrinkle repair serum.

For my night cream I use the Ursa Major golden hour recovery cream. You don’t need a ton and my skin feel so so soft!

The eye gel I use at night is the Patyka energizing eye gel. I love how cool it feels on my skin and I really feel it’s helped my circles.

I still use my Tata Harper resurfacing mask at least once a week and I have also been using Tammy Fender epi peel. I love this mask and my skin feels brand new after!

As I mentioned I have been on this regimen about 6 weeks. I wanted to wait that long because I wanted to truly use the products before talking about them. I was not obligated at all to talk about any of these products but I truly love them and I wanted to share them. I love what Follain is doing for clean beauty and I highly suggest perusing their site or stopping in the store if you have one near you!

Do you have a clean skincare routine?

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  • 17 thoughts on “2019 Clean Skincare Routine

    1. Stephanie

      That’s so awesome you were able to meet the owner and gets tips straight from her! I do have days that I don’t put anything on, but mostly out of sheer laziness on my party. I don’t have much of a routine right now, but I should probably start one.

    2. Marjie Mare

      As we are entering the summer, I definitely need some good skin care practice. Thank you so much for sharing these products, I should probably give them a try.

    3. Crystal Mendez

      Tons of awesome products in this post! Right now I am using a natural face bar to wash at night, followed by moisturizing oil. In the morning I use a toner. Three times a week I use an overnight face mask from Thrive. So far, so good, my skin is doing well.

    4. Di

      My aesthetician recommended I try vit C serums so I might have to look into this one. Thanks for the recommendation!

    5. David Elliott

      I’m impressed with all that you do for cleansing your skin. I am sure my daughter would be interested in all of this product. I think the thing she would like the most about be the mask though. She loves them.


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