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3 Things To Spring Clean

Organization · Sponsored Post · April 9, 2019

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lemishine! A brand we love and use daily. All opinions are my own.

I really never need an excuse to clean. I enjoy it because, as my husband likes to say, I am basically Monica from Friends. But I will say there are certain things I kind of forget to clean during the year, and something about spring rolling around makes me want to clean EVERYTHING! So I want to share 3 things to spring clean that maybe you forget about too!

3 Things To Spring Clean

Appliances: So they sit in our kitchen, they are shiny and we wipe down the outside and think “cool we are good!” But have you ever cleaned your disposal? Or your dishwasher? What about taking everything out of your fridge and doing a big clean in there? Lemishine actually has disposal and dishwasher cleaner! It’s SUPER easy to use and think about it, how gross do those things get? I could NOT believe the difference in a not cleaned disposal and cleaned disposal! It was almost alarming! Also we did the washing machine cleaner! Think about how dirty the clothes, towels, etc are that go in there. Especially when you have a kiddo who comes home from school with food, paint, and god knows what else on him. Our appliances are all fresh and clean now. I also did major wipe downs with our fridge and microwave using the all purpose cleaner!

Toys: OK I am THE WORST about deep cleaning Liam’s toys. I mean his stuffed animals get washed pretty often, but his big stuff like his kitchen, or ride on toys, not as much! I did a HUGE wipe down with the Lemishine all purpose cleaner. I know that it’s safe to use on his toys and even safe for all of us to be around. His toys looked SO MUCH better and I knew they were germ free!

Technology: Hey do you know how gross your computer, iPad, and phones are? Not to mention the unused apps, old files etc. SO this is a two parter. First lets talk the physical product. I try to clean my phone every few days, but computer and iPad gets a little neglected!  I use the Lemishine all purpose cleaner and the glass and surface cleaner and spray it onto a paper towel then wipe down the products. I also use an air duster to get things out from the keyboard area! Second the apps and files. This is a great time to delete old contacts, delete apps you don’t use, back up photos into something like Google Photos, delete Podcast subscriptions you no longer need, etc. These things can free up TONS of space on your phone. On your computer, delete files and photos you no longer need etc.

These 3 things to spring clean are things that so many of us forget about even though they are right under our noses. We use them all daily. We remember to clean toilets, vacuum, sweep etc but other stuff sometimes can get ignored! To try out some of the awesome Lemishine products for yourself go here to snag a $0.75 coupon!

I would LOVE to know what you are big on spring cleaning?


*all photos by Jenny Havens Photography

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  • 24 thoughts on “3 Things To Spring Clean

    1. Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block

      Cleaning appliances is one of my least favorite jobs — BUT, I feel like it makes the whole kitchen look AMAZING when it’s done. I need to clean out my oven after a winter of baking and cooking some messy meals. 🙂 OH my gosh – and thank you for reminding me to clean my technology. I’m now officially grossed out at the amount of time it’s been since they’ve been wiped down 🙂

    2. Angie Emde

      Definitely spring clean appliances especially the wash machine and filter. When my daughter was living at home, I was forever finding rusty hairpins in the filter.

    3. Stephanie

      I’m like you, I love to clean and have a clean home, too. I actually do clean inside the refrigerator and freezer. About once per quarter I empty those to clean the shelves, as well as the pantry. I will admit I hardly ever clean the toys either, but my boys are getting old enough now that they don’t get them too dirty since they aren’t in their mouths anymore.

    4. Paige Bainbridge

      Will try the Lemishine. So does it work on your computer screen, etc to wipe a paper towel on it with the sprayed Lemishine on the towel? These are good tips and reminders about spring cleaning. When you mentioned cleaning the toys, it reminded me that every so often my husband would take our highchair to the carwash to spray it clean! –Paige Bainbridge (

    5. Bree

      Thank you for the spring cleaning tips. I always feel like I am lost at what to clean and what to use! This was so helpful 🙂

    6. Marjie Mare

      Once I come back from my vacation this weekend, I will start my big Spring cleaning. I appreciate your post which will give the strength I need to do so.

    7. Becca Wilson

      I am horrible about doing any sort of deep cleaning. Yes, I always forget to clean off our tech that we use all the time.

    8. Clarice

      Guilty! I also forget to clean our dishwashers and disposal. Will make sure to prioritize it this weekend. Thanks for the tips and reminder.


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