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3 Things We Use Our Amazon Alexa For

Life · Sponsored Post · January 17, 2020

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alexa Skills. All opinions are 100% mine.

About 3 years ago we got a few of the Amazon Alexa Echo Dots for our house. We have one in the kitchen, one in the playroom, one in our bedroom, and one in the family room. We honestly use them about 25 times a day. If you don’t have one I wanted to share 3 things we use our Amazon Alexa for and how you can utilize yours more for things you may have not known.

3 Things We Use Our Amazon Alexa For

Ordering things from Amazon: So as you all know I have 2 kids under 3. My hands are LITERALLY always full. There are so many times I realize we are out of diapers, wipes, vitamins, oatmeal, etc. I need to order it from Amazon and the likelihood I will remember to do this next time I am on my phone or computer is really small. So I use the Alexa. Basically if it’s something you’ve ordered before it makes it super simple because it will take the order from the last time you ordered that Item, then ask you if you want to add it to your cart. This has honestly been a lifesaver lately.


Timers/Reminders: I use these when I’m cooking for timers, or when Liam says “2 minutes” before he will take a bath. We also have reminders for Liam’s inhaler he uses daily to go off the same time every day. We use reminders to water plants, take out trash on Thursday nights etc.

Booking appointments: Did you know if you say “Alexa, I need a haircut” you can book a haircut! How cool is that? It’s called the Opensalon skill with Alexa Skills. You don’t have to worry about calling around to find someone that can get it done and this is especially great for busy people who may (like me) forget to book a haircut until you realize how badly you need a haircut! These can be done at Regis-owned salon brand (Supercuts, Cost Cutters, SmartStyle Hair Salon located inside Walmart and other regional salon brands). It’s super simple simply like I said say “Alexa, I need a haircut” then you can tell them the city or zip code and it will tell you where and when you can get a haircut! I swear this is such a lifesaver! We actually did this for Andrew last weekend! The ease with which he booked his haircut and then got his haircut was awesome!

I hope you found the things we use our Amazon Alexa for helpful and it gave you some ideas for things that may make your life a little easier too!

Are you going to try the Opensalon skill? What do you use your Alexa for?

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  • 15 thoughts on “3 Things We Use Our Amazon Alexa For

    1. Stephanie

      We love our Alexas! There are 5 in my house right now. One in each of the bedrooms, one in the kitchen, and one in the office. We have routines set up connecting them to the hue lights so we can tell them “it’s bedtime” and it turns the lights off for us in the rooms. I also love the shopping list when I am cooking in the kitchen.

    2. Melanie williams

      Each time I see these I get more tempted to but one. It would be great to remind you about appointments x

    3. Brandy

      I don’t have an Amazon Alexa but I have noticed so many people sharing what they use it for. I am so happy to see how this has added value to your life.

    4. aisasami

      My parents have an Alexa and they usually use it to listen to the radio. I don’t have one yet as I don’t know where I can put it in my tiny apartment.

    5. Christa

      I have Alexa and love it. I’m not saying I use it A LOT, but while out hiking last weekend, my 4 year old (in the middle of the desert) said, “Alexa, which way to the car?” 🤣😂

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      We don’t have an Alexa (yet) but is sure looks like a really nifter helper to have. Let me have that talk again with my husband and maybe he will agree that we get one for ourselves too.

    7. Roni Kanti Nath

      Didn’t know before that Amazon has so many benefits. There is much I can learn from this information.


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